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Sunday Dispatch .412

Yo: As a Christian I'm curious how much you were worried about either overplaying or underplaying the the Christ allegory this story has in it. When I first saw it, that's one of the things that struck me the most and I thought it was very interesting. It was one of the first films I can remember seeing a strong parallel to the figure of Christ. How did you balance that without overdoing it and hammering people on the head with it and at the same time... well, did you keep it in there, first of all?

Scott: Oh yeah, I actually think it would be very hard to do The Day The Earth Stood Still without it. I think if you make a decision to try and take that out, you'd have a hard time telling the story, it's so deeply entrenched in the narrative. The more sort of overt and obvious allegory moments, I still kept some of that in and added quite bit, frankly, because I like that about the original. I felt that it was part of where the power came from. The idea of updating that and creating some more imagery and allegorical elements is in there very strongly. It was actually one of the number one things that was brought by the international press as I took the film around the world for the international press tour. They in particular were really struck by that and were pleased not only that it was there but that it was there fairly strongly as well. There are some things, some elements from the original that I thought were a little clunky for a modern audience, and that's the challenge of doing a remake of a film that's fifty-seven years old; you have to figure out: how do I update some of these for a modern audience to where you have the same points but it's going to play but not as something that's old and out of date? But yeah, it's one of the reasons I wanted to do the movie, that was part of the appeal of the movie was that allegorical quality to the main character. interview with director Scott Derrickson
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