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poor kid. I can't even imagine dealing with a murder of a parent.

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It's a sad commentary on our society today, but one (legit) way to gain lots of money is to sue. It was my understanding he will do this, for the various reasons allowed by law, and get that college fund set. So some good will come from the ignorance the school exhibited.

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Good thing he didn't smell of toothpaste and plant food - I suppose he'd have been suspended for being a terrorist.
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How about this suspension?

Student gets the gate for riding horse to school

By L. Finch, Boston Globe Correspondent | November 2, 2010

A 17-year-old senior, trying to bring some school spirit to Hamilton last week by dressing as a knight and bringing his family’s horse to his high school, was promptly suspended and sent home.

Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School officials deemed the stunt early Thursday morning to be dangerous and ordered the student, wearing a helmet and carrying a fake sword, to leave the grounds, along with the horse. A friend who had dressed as a squire in beige tunic and tall black boots and led the horse by the reins, was given a one-day suspension and two hours’ community service.

“They told my son it’s the equivalent of bringing in a loaded firearm to school’’ Ron DePaolis, the teenager’s father, said of the horse in a telephone interview yesterday. But he “brought the spirit up of the student body,’’ DePaolis said. “The kids need that, a little boost in the morale.’’

DePaolis said his son, Dan, approached him earlier in the week for permission to ride Pierre, the family’s horse, around the school’s parking lot to celebrate spirit week. Each day carried a different theme, and Thursday’s encouraged students to dress like a knight, he said.

Thinking it was a clever idea, DePaolis and his wife, an equestrienne, accompanied their son.

But only minutes into the ride, the high school’s associate principal put a stop to the spectacle, suspending Dan on the spot, his father said. The group then went home with Pierre.

DePaolis said the horse was calm, under control, and walking at a slow pace.

But school officials, who were not forewarned about the plan, were concerned the animal could hurt someone, said Raleigh C. Buchanan, superintendent of the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District. The district has a policy against animals, including horses, on school property.

The teenager’s father said a number of students arriving at school that morning stayed outside to watch the horse and its accompanying youths. No one seemed alarmed, he added.

Even though horses are a common sight in Hamilton and Wenham, school officials were not familiar with the DePaolises’ horse and could not risk the possibility that it could become frightened and turn on students, he said.

“On one hand, he’s a good kid, and I think he was just trying to do something different and unique, and that’s the kind of students we like,’’ Buchanan said. “The issue is it was one of the worst times for him to be doing that. You had buses coming, cars coming, and it was a potential hazard if something would have spooked the horse.’’

The teenager was back in school yesterday, excited about his return, his father said.
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It seems some schools need to learn how to lighten up and have a bit of fun. The only thing I'd say is that it definitely would've been a good idea to let the school know he was going to do this, so they wouldn't have freaked out and could have prepared better for the horse being there just in case it did get spooked. But it was a one-time thing for a school spirit event, nobody got hurt, so they should've just given him a warning and left it at that. At least he's coming back, though, so that's good.

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The US Equestrian Team's Three Day Event division used to be based in Hamilton. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with this story, but I thought I'd share that tidbit anyway.

A suspension certainly seems like overkill in this case.
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Originally Posted by Moonlit_Angel View Post
Oh, geez. Overreacting much there, school administration?

Yeah. Definitely should've asked what was up first before going all crazy like that. That poor kid, sorry to hear about his father. Wow.

Same here. I am very sorry for his loss.

Blood shot eyes? I get them every autumn. Since, I have allergies.

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