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Originally Posted by AchtungBono View Post

Anitram, I mean no disrespect to you but you cannot presume to know what it's like for us to be surrounded by enemies who are hell-bent on our destruction. It's the same as having Hamas ruling Canada and Al-Quaida ruling Mexico.
Do you think that Israel has any responsibility for creating the situation on the ground? Do you think that the Palestinians are born terrorists due to something in their genes or do environmental factors, such as being exploited by their piss poor leadership AND being forced to live in bantustans by Israel which helps create the reaction in them? It seems like pretty simple human nature and I am pretty sure that if you put in Americans into a similar situation, or Canadians or the Dutch, you would see essentially the same thing develop.

I cannot understand your point of view because you do not recognize that the settlement building is illegal. There is really no starting point to a discussion without that realization by you. Much like there is no starting point to the discussion without the Palestinians recognizing, both internally and publicly that Israel is a country which exists, which must continue to exist with peace within its borders.

You cannot control the Palestinian response or formal position, but you can control your own. And right now you are not willing to recognize the illegality of settlements. For me, that means the peace process is dead. I have little doubt that most of us who have no horse in this race feel the same.

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Originally Posted by anitram View Post
Frankly, it's a large part of the reason why I think the west should completely wash their hands of Israel/Palestine and move on. You guys down there are not willing to be reasonable and compromise and yes that is BOTH of you, so why should we continue to be held hostage to your petty regional squabble?
This is pretty much how I'm feeling.

Nice posts in general here, anitram.

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we can solve this pretty easy, let's just be neutral and fair.

the USA should follow our European and NATO partners and start abstaining at the UN.

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