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The Fly
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Reflections Of..."walk this way, talk this way".

I was born in 67.
And ya, as little as I knew back then, I did NOT know of the Special
Olympics till around 73-74 but did manage to know SO as I stood face to
face with Mrs. Shriver, Eunice and discussed the SO long before anyone could
tell me a word or two about it.

Don't mess with the Kennedys, love 'em today and tomorrow and for a long
time to come, for they have risked and given their personal lives to an
insurmountable amount of people and ya know what? They are as human as you
and or I.

Geez, I remember almost having my body beat to a pulp once on the streets of
probably Yarmouth when JKO stopped her driver and I got into that car, it
saved me from being a very sore kid at the time.

Unbelievably kind she was, I was referring to John F. Kennedy's wife,
Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis.

I will say I had a daydream once while residing off of Sea Street Ext. that
Senator Ted Kennedy was riding around in a vehicle much like a tank but more
like a hummer, with his upper torso out of the top of the round hole he was
protruding from. That was within the last decade.

Bill1255, thanks for getting me to write.

So as "one sided" as my memory can be, I can honestly tell you that above.

And Bill1255, yes there is a way I knew of Mrs. Shriver, for God's sake
man, Cape Cod was a small community when I look and understand just how big
a place such as New York is as a community.

"Nobody crowds you and nobody goes it alone" - Long Walk Home, Bruce

Mrs. Shriver then, looked much like Mrs. Shriver, Maria today.

Can anyone explain to me and a former school mate of mine why one of the
Kennedy (or) Shriver children look so much like my former school mate?
She's in her early 40's now. I won't mention names, she's unaware I'm
writing this.

For what it's worth, I remember JFK Jr. being a light blue shirt wearing
summer BPD officer telling me that there is no such thing as non lethal
weapons. Thank GOD for Barnstable town workers who got me out of a jam then
and there on Sea Street Ext.

It was one of my cousins cousins that drove JFK Jr. & his wife and her
sister to the airport before that fateful journey this decade.

As for Mrs. Shriver, Eunice, trust me, if there was ever an angel looking
not down, but amongst us, it is she at this very moment.

I'd been at the Kennedy compound as a boy and oddly enough, someone else
too, but I won't mention the persons name here, it's not worth the time and
effort to blow ill will or wind here. Definatly not a Kennedy or Shriver or
anyone of the clan. Not to be confused with the KKK but still, the person
walks and drives and rides amongst us.

All I remember is being a boy, and coming across two punks that was sizing
Mrs. Kennedy - Shriver up to mug her and well, I left knowing she was
alright, the two boys got lost and I, well I took off with the Forests.
Long before the Forests became a family name to me. Eventually, it became a
memory and I reflected upon the life of Eunice today, yesterday and will
tonight too.

That day was probably somewhere near a beach, but there was a trail in front
of the two of us, some trees to my left and a road behind me.

Someone tell me who is MaryJo and Bobbi/y? I would swear that phone call I
got yesterday was none other than a Shriver herself seeking some family. I
was landscaping at the time and the reality was, it was just my workmate and
I out in Sandwich, MA.

.....walk this way, talk this way.....

I write no more.


..>>The above was taken out of, via GoogleGroups.Com moments ago, in response to a couple of posts from Bill1255 and Debbie.

Thought it'd do some good here.


William K. Mahler

Hyannis, MA. USA.

 spirit I took off with the Forests but the reality is, I left with my mom.
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