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There absolutely will be some strategic voting going on in some, if not many ridings, which will cause vote splitting and a CAQ or PLQ candidate to squeak through.

It embodies, in my opinion, everything that is wrong with the first-past-the-post system.

In any event, it should be interesting tonight.


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Well this is it,it's election day.It's a cloudy morning here in Montreal.Hopefully not an indication of the outcome of tonight.I'll go vote at lunch time.In my riding,the liberals will be fine.So will the west portion of the island and the Gatineau region.But elsewhere,it will be a fight between the PQ and CAQ.i'm concern that the spliting will be among the federalist vote rather than the separatists voters.

I agree with BoMac about our voting system.When a party could win an election with only 33% of the voters,there's something wrong.Even worse,a party can win an election even if they have fewer votes than the top party.3 time in Québec that happen 1944,1966 and 1998.But changing it is a complicated matter when it comes to get the approval of the population.B.C. and Ontario rejected it in a referendum of changing the system in there respective province even though most people in the country are complaining about the current one.

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a win and a loss

"The Anglophones are waking up,"

Fatal shooting at Pauline Marois Quebec victory speech | World news | guardian.co.uk
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Oh, fantastic, another story like this . Good god.

Awful news.
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An eventfull evening to say the lease.

A PQ minority gov and a shooter trying to shoot the new elected premiere.Even if i didn't vote for her,it was frightning and a sad event.1 innocent person killed and another one injured that basically avoid the shooting of Pauline Marois if they werent at the back of the metropolis when the mad f**k entered. His name is Richard Henry Bain,btw.

Looks like Charest will annonce that he's leaving the Liberal later this afternoon.Got beat in his own riding,so i guess it did accelerated his reflextion.But they avoid a disaster with 50 ridings and the official oppposition spot with a minority gov infront of them,so Charest can leave with his head up in some ways.

The CAQ didn't do as well as the observers expected,only 19 ridings.I think at the end of the day their program had too much changes in the eyes of the population.Québec is not a right-center society,but more a left-center one.Legault will have to ajust his program for the next election,which could come in the next year an a half.

Hopefully the rest of the country will take a valium and relax,since no referendum his on the horizon.Some of the editorials outside of Québec were ridiculous last week,with Conrad Black leading the way in the usual Québec bashing.

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