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Its the extremes I could do without, not the left or right.

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that's pretty much my policy as well...

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Originally Posted by BigMacPhisto View Post
So if tolerance breeds liberalism, then what does intolerance breed...?
...intolerant liberalism. (see poll)
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Originally Posted by Dreadsox View Post
Its the extremes I could do without, not the left or right.
Oh, hey Dreadsox...

Long time no see!
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Hey! What's up? Good to see you again !
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That's kinda like someone saying that they've got no patience for impatient people.

It seems with my Facebook friends, I sit in the middle, and poke fun at both sides, I've got my friends that are mad Obama supporters, then the ones that totally hate him. Since myself I can't vote, and therefore do not have any political affiliation, but if you were to give me a label on my political views, I'm more the libertarian side of things than anything else. I've got the religious nuts, the political fanatics (didja see what I did there, huh, huh?) and although I'm Christian (Anglican/COE/Presbyterian), married to a wonderful Jewish (birth, not religion, since he's considered a Messianic Jew buy the orthodox crowd, but he just considers himself christian) I happily will poke fun at my friends that I know will take the joke. The ones that I know won't take the joke (and thus obviously feed my troll like tendencies) I tend to ignore their comments. Unfortunately some of that crowd includes family.

I tend to piss off most of my friends in one way shape or form since I've got conservative and liberal views depending on what the hell you're talking about. Of course, since I'm in eligible to vote here in the US due to my residency status (I'm legal FYI), I guess I have a little too much fun at trying to get people to ease up, which, naturally usually fails, but, I'm not dumb enough to post certain things that may get me in trouble .

Thankfully I'm pretty laid back about a lot of things, so when I hate two people warring over whatever the latest political/religious/tolerance thing happens to be, I do the proverbial pat them on the heads and say "there there, it's ok"

I'm gonna go sit under my bridge now and wait for my next unsuspecting victim bwahahahaha!!
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