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Originally Posted by Diemen View Post
You would guess wrong. While not especially affluent, Moore is definitely not one of the poorer/disadvantaged areas in the OKC metro.
Well, Im not from there

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I remember being in a traffic jam on the highway in Oklahoma on the way to the Norman 360 show and seeing Moore's water tower off on the right (or was it the left?). It was kind of a landmark to tell how fast we were moving. I wonder if it's even still there. It's sad to think that that whole place is trashed. Those mile-wide tornadoes are the worst; a whole town can be erased in minutes.

That first pic is chilling. Those little specks on the ground used to be houses.

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While I actually lived in OKC, I went to Moore schools K-12. It's basically my second hometown. I missed the '99 tornado by abt. 2 miles. A certain section of SW OKC (effectively known as "Westmoore") is also part of Moore schools district and referred to by people (even those that live in OKC and don't know the difference) as "Moore".

So that's what you're talking about here. Not just 'Moore' (proper) but also some of OKC.
Parts of the "Westmoore" area are quite affluent but that's not going to show up in statistics cited for Moore. Moore itself, 'proper', is basically middle-class. But in terms of population, "Moore" - as is referred to in the national media is a lot bigger than the 40K people that live in Moore (proper). There were more people living in that area than in '99. And a lot of the housing and business development was pretty new (within the last 10 years). It's a booming place.

I don't feel like discussing it much further right now.
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Originally Posted by CrashedCarDriver View Post

Well, Im not from there
Then maybe it's not wise to make such assumptions about it then?
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Absolutely heartbreaking to see the devastation and human suffering there. Scientists say it was more powerful than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. To think about it that way, I can't even wrap my mind around that. I wish scientists could devise some way to stop these storms.

Great people there too, their attitude and their strength is very admirable.

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