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Of course our childrens attitudes and values are going to change, because society has changed in a big big way. 40 years ago not many people had cars, tv, lots of toys or much money. We had to wait months sometimes even years for new things, kids got hand me down toys, hand me down clothes, families spent more time together because there were no other distractions. Kids were outside, they played together, they made things from scrap and nothing to play with.

I think those kids who are now parents felt for some reason they "missed out" Kids get everything today. We are saturated 24/7 with advertisements for everything under the sun. We no longer understand the 'wait and save' process but just get more credits cards or loans to buy more things. Kids are making their own tea because mum and dad are either working overtime, or on the internet, or playing video games.

We eat shitter food, which is a big cause of a lot of problems both physically and mentally (they REALLY need to look into food additives for a lot of children's behaviours) we don't have enough time to do everything, kids are either given everything to shut them up, or denied everything because the parents can't do it, and are totally selfish.

I see them all at school. Kids are worse because honestly, parents are worse. Not all of them, there are some great kids, and you can see who raises them.

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Originally Posted by dazzlingamy View Post

We eat shitter food, which is a big cause of a lot of problems both physically and mentally
I can see how that could be a problem

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