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War Child
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Normal Human Rights activists appalled by Hillary's China stance

Activists 'shocked' at Clinton stance on China rights

Looks like she thinks money and their connection to our economy through the 'made in China' stuff is more important than human rights. I thought after the disasters with the Chinese made products being tainted, this wouldn't even be an issue to support. Of course it was her husband who opened up to China and made them a favored nation again despite their horrendous human rights offenses. This is very depressing to me, I was hoping once Obama was in there, we wouldn't let China get away with anything anymore. Or maybe it's that the US gov't owes them their ass in debt? Either way it's pathetic and infuriatingly sad.

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The Fly
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money rules in this economy anymore..human rights are sacrificed....if everyone knew about the horrendus conditions these people had to work in i think they would change their heart

(sry if that sounded to bono )

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Actually, I think it was Nixon who went to China, so to speak. And in considerably bleaker times for the average Chinese citizen than prevail today.

Their human rights record may not be fantastic but it's not going to improve by shutting out a nation that, lest we forget, comprises about a third of humanity.

And yes, you better believe America is up to its eyeballs in debt, to China among others. America is now analogous to the interwar British Empire. I wouldn't fret too much; China wants to sell what it manufactures.


Had a quick skim of the article. I'm really no fan of Mrs (or Mr) Clinton, but it seems fairly uncontroversial for someone in that position to say those things. Did you expect a declaration of war, on what is, after all, a sovereign nation? After Iraq... my bad... maybe you did. But this is different. This one bites back.
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Yes it was, and I am old enough to remember this part of history.
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I'm surprised people are surprised.
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