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Hitchens nails stinking coward warmongers Bush, Blair.

President Bush’s American audiences are, I believe, vetted. His fellow warmonger, Anthony Blair, likewise lives in a sealed bubble of expensive safety. This helped both men to become delusional power maniacs.

The universal excuse of ‘security’ nowadays protects them almost completely from healthy public contempt.

The humourless, stone-faced persons who guard them do not distinguish between a shout of ‘rubbish’, a custard tart or a grenade - as old Walter Wolfgang found out when he tried to interrupt some ghastly speech at the 2005 Labour Conference and narrowly escaped prosecution for terrorism.

A shoe may be borderline. A hobnailed boot would clearly be a serious assault. A slipper wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t much want footwear of any kind in my face. But a black lace-up isn’t really life-threatening.

We should all be much more concerned about Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who certainly cheered up my week, and perhaps yours, too, by hurling his size tens at George W. Bush.

For a valuable and treasured half-second, Mr Bush’s weird, secret smirk (what does he find so funny about everything?) faded from his silly face.

This inadequate, who launched a hundred thousand bombs, whose petulant whims and stinking lies started a stupid war that destroyed untold lives, and helped to make the West bankrupt, was forced to duck.

Mail Online - Peter Hitchens

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and helped to make the West bankrupt,
We are in our eight year after 9/11

and I can't tell you how many times I have heard it said the Reagan won the Cold War with his arms race with the Soviets, by bankrupting them

Also, the Soviet / Afghan War is credited with bankrupting and disolving the USSR

so if those are the facts,
then it is starting to look like Osama Bin Laden has defeated the West, he has certainly bankrupted the U S, and the economies that are related to it.
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