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Originally Posted by Liesje View Post
Can it be solved? I don't know much about it, but I know someone that had it (someone from my school, not an African). Or is the 2015 date meaning everyone should have a net by then? When I was there we used nets and were on antibiotics to "prevent" it but even then there's no guarantee (as evidenced by someone getting it). I was sick with fever when I got back and had to be checked twice, could not give blood for years even though I used the nets and took the pills.
I was being sarcastic. When people say that something will happen by a particular year it leads to cynicism. I'll be waiting in 2015 for the results. Taxpayers and donators want to see results before they open the floodgates.

Bono praises McCain, Obama and Americans -

In this video he feels that politicians don't cash their cheques so there is an out for their goals not being accomplished. Bono looks at himself as a salesman so he will mix positive and negative assertions to keep people and politicians motivated to spend more on DATA goals.

There are lots of people competing for funds for different causes. The copenhagen consensus actually get economists to try and rank them according to lives saved and cost of implementation:

My favorite part of the list would be the opening of trade ranked #2 but that is unpopular in many countries.

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That's an interesting list/link. Will have to mull it over later...

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Originally Posted by BonoVoxSupastar View Post
I agree completely, but my point is how can a true crisis really be "overblown"? It's a crisis or it isn't.

There are those that have posted articles similar to this in the past with their own agendas in mind trying to prove that there is no crisis, it's made up by the liberal media, etc...
In Germany we have a saying of not making an elephant out of a mosquito. That's not to say that Aids is a mosquito that got turned into an elephant, but I think it is a good way to remember that a crisis indeed can be overblown. Crises can have different extents, especially when compared with other, similar ones. "It's a crisis or it isn't" is far too static in my eyes. There are big crises and small crises, and they are still a crisis.

AnnRKey has voiced a position of trade isolationism before, but I don't know if that's enough to infer an intention of saying "there is no crisis".

I guess the point of the people in the article might be represented badly with the term "overblown". They are more pointing out that the sole focus on HIV/AIDS is crowding out other diseases which are as much in need of being tackled.
Their point, in my eyes, is just that the media and all responsible need to set HIV/AIDS into context with other diseases and draw attention to these as well.

Originally Posted by purpleoscar View Post
I thought malaria was going to be solved by 2015 according to Bono.
He is normally refering to the Millenium Development Goal, which is aiming to "Reduce malaria morbidity and mortality by 75 percent by 2015 from the 2005 baseline level.”

Of course such goals often are well intentioned and keeping is a whole different story. On the other hand, if you don't set such a goal in the first place, the chance of getting anywhere is much lower.

Originally Posted by Liesje View Post

When I was in Africa honestly I was more disturbed by the number of people that either don't have access to a mosquito net or simply won't use one. No one has a cure for HIV but geez, nets are relatively cheap and simply to use. A little education and support on that front goes a long way as far as preventing the spread of malaria.
Some countries like Kenya have been employing comprehensive programmes to fight malaria, which included education and the provision of nets.
What was found out was that for example it is more effective to sell nets than to give them for free. If people get a net for free they don't value it as high and usage tends to be lower. If they have to pay only a small amount they see much more value in it and start using it. But if it's just a normal net, only to use it might not be enough. Often the nets are just hung over the bed, so that the person sleeping beneath lies against the net where the mosquitoes have access to the body. Hence, treated nets are way more effective, but of course usage of those is much lower.
Education greatly increases the overall use of nets.
Then there is a problem of medication. More children infected with malaria get aspirin and other such medication than the number of children that get the right medication. And even if it is the right medication, only very few children receive treatment on the second or third day. Even among educated families this problem prevails.

These programmes sadly need a lot of time to take effect, and repetition often is key.
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Completely offtopic, but I'd just like to register my protest at modern word usage for the record:

1. Crisis. Is a turning point, not just some bad shit that happens.

2. Tragedy. Is a downfall inherent from the beginning in some thing or person (possibly in spite of great promise). Not just some bad shit that happens.

Thar, I've done my dash.

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