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Originally Posted by purpleoscar View Post
Bin Laden is not in Afghanistan and is probably hidden quite safe in Pakistan. Clinton could have killed him but chickened out. It's probably too late to catch him now.
Detailing his strategy for fighting global terrorism in August 2007, Obama said "it was a terrible mistake to fail to act" against a 2005 meeting of al-Qaeda leaders that U.S. intelligence had confirmed to be taking place in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas. He said that as president he would not miss a similar opportunity, even without the support of the Pakistani government.

Barack Obama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC NEWS | Americas | Obama warns Pakistan on al-Qaeda

Originally Posted by purpleoscar View Post
Trust me. I'm a Canadian. Canadians are envious of the U.S. just like Europe is. U.K. is the closest thing to a friend. If America renews itself people will still hate them, and maybe even more.
I´m European and I´m not envious of the U.S. citizens at all because many of them are poor in a very rich country. But I will be envious of the U.S. if, with Obama for President, the U.S. might have a better leader than most Europeans incl. the current reign of E.U. in Brussels.

- if poor Americans (not only poor, of course all Americans, but for poor Americans it´s more essential) get i.e. free health care like Obama promotes, America is on the right way with social standards that we had for decades in many European countries (the social standards just being cut in Europe).

If America votes for change, and things really change with Obama, I will be proud of that nation also if I´m not American. I can´t speak for Canadians, though.

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It's true, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, just like our European counterparts.

I live in the US and would like to see important changes. Especially, with our foreign policies. I don't believe we will ever catch Bin Laden. So, why continue to try? But, I do think that we can do better in our own back yard. I would love to see my country sever ties with the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, would be number one on my list. And start using our own resources for energy. Solar, wind and off shore drilling. Brazil has become more self reliant. We could do the same.

Plus, Health Care is a must, for those who do not have medical insurance.

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Originally Posted by INDY500 View Post
You know, minus Katrina, the stuff that's happened since Democrat's took back control of Congress Jan 07.
You've been watching too much Fox news.

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