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Did you see what they did?

I'm not sure if you've twigged this yet, gang, but the bankers and their bought-and-paid for 'regulators' have completely and utterly fucked us.
(Did you see what they did there? Yep, they fucked us. Some of them were even grinning while doing so, the c****.)

Say we have a Japan-in-the-'90's ten year deflationary recession type thing, well Japan is a fairly peacable sort of society and the Japanese are non-aggressive sort of people. So there wasn't really any major upturn in civil unrest in Japan in the 1990's during their 'Lost Decade', there was just a lot of pissed off Japanese sitting around getting depressed and moping about the bankers and the government and the industrialists that fucked them. But they didn't really do anything about the bankers and the government and the industrialists fucking them, they just sat around and moped and played computer games.

The Lost Decade: Lessons From Japan's Real Estate Crisis

So, yeah, it's a good thing that we in the West are, similarly, pretty peacable and equable so, yeah, there's probably not gonna be riots or any of that bad shit. It's not like we have an entitlement mentality or anything like that. No, course we don't. Of course there won't be hassle, silly to even think of such a thing.

Gerald Celente predicts the collapse of 2009 : Little Bites of Point

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Get on your boots and go see this movie. Strangely cathartic, cluelessly clever in a way only a chick flick can be and very very funny.

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