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Originally Posted by melon View Post
On a similar note, as you know, there's a lovely election going to happen soon up here in the Great White North, and, looking at 3-4 options up here (if one wishes to count the ever-elusive Green Party and discount the forever-separatist BQ), it makes me glad I can't vote. I don't think I like any of them. So much for multi-party politics allowing for "more options."

The first party willing to take on the latent, but pervasive political and corporate oligarchy up here would get my vote.
yeah i've heard. even though i don't spend much of my time in canada anymore (i'm in england these days), i try and follow things as good as i can.

in truth, i do like ignatieff even though i strongly disagree with his views on a few things, such as iraq.

i respect him, and i think it'd be interesting to see what a real intellect could do in office.

meanwhile, stephen harper, while i downright despise him, i can acknowledge that he's not entirely stupid. his finance minister, on the other hand, certainly appears to be.

our budget defecit is reason enough to go to the polls. one year ago this govt. didn't believe there was a recession, and a few months later they were forecasting red budgets till 2015. that's not acceptable... not at all.

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