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Bill Seeks to Limit Hiring Foreign Workers

Two senators on Wednesday proposed requiring bailed-out banks to hire only Americans for one year, after an investigation by The Associated Press showed that banks receiving the most federal aid had requested visas for thousands of foreign workers even as they laid off employees amid the economic collapse.

The legislation by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, would apply to more than 200 banks that have accepted the government's aid. They would be barred from hiring foreigners who hold special visas that are reserved for certain skilled and advanced-degree jobs. Both senators are longtime critics of abuses they see in the visa program.

"It is obscene and vulgar for these huge banks getting taxpayer bailouts to use the bailouts to throw American workers on the street and bring in foreign workers," Sanders said.

The proposal was certain to inflame all sides of an already contentious issue that has attracted new passion amid soaring U.S. unemployment rates. An immigration lawyers group earlier this week warned of renewed criticism of the H1-B visa program due to the country's lousy economic conditions and rallied its members in an e-mail to be prepared to "set the record straight!"

The president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Charles Kuck, whose members represent employers and foreign nationals, said the Senate proposal would hinder any economic recovery.

"You're telling banks, we want you to be successful, we'll loan you money to stay in business but we're not going to allow you to hire people to make that happen if they happen to be foreign nationals," Kuck told the AP. "Is this not the ultimate in protectionism?"
The Associated Press: Bill seeks limits on hiring foreign bank workers

Americans are being laid off left and right, yet some companies are importing workers from other countries. Shouldn't they keep their own workers? Especially as the economy falls apart? And if these workers aren't good enough, why can't they hire other Americans?

I'm sure the reason is because foreign workers are willing to work for less than American workers. But I also think this is also the betraying American people, who would love to have these jobs.

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I understand both sides of this issue, but what I find interesting about this issue is that I hear many Republicans say "we don't need a stimulus package the free market will heal itself", but many don't actually believe that, obviously.

It sounds like these two conservatives don't believe in capitalism. They don't want the work to go to people that will do the job for less, yet they want to force companies to pay more, I wonder where all the anti-raising the minimum wage folks will stand on this...
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I think my favourite part is the immigration lawyer wagging his finger at the idea of protectionism.
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