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I'm sure I've seen a quote from Bono somewhere where he talks about his addictive personality and says how close he has come in the past to presumably becoming an alcoholic himself, but was always able to take a step back.

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Yes, he has talked about that

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Thanks so much, y'all, for replying to my reboot of this thread.

Yes, in the same Rolling Stone piece from 2009, in the same section discussing M o S & Adam's AA & alcoholic experience, Bono remarks: "[T]here's a part of me that thinks 'Wow, I'm just an inch away.' There's no doubt about the fact that I have a wild streak & I'd be very capable of setting fire to myself. So, you know, I don't go to church for the view."
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Was just looking for a place to put this..maybe this isn't the best but whatever

By Maria Cheng
AP Medical Writer / November 1, 2010

LONDON—Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, according to a new study.

British experts evaluated substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana, ranking them based on how destructive they are to the individual who takes them and to society as a whole.

Researchers analyzed how addictive a drug is and how it harms the human body, in addition to other criteria like environmental damage caused by the drug, its role in breaking up families and its economic costs, such as health care, social services, and prison.

Heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine, or crystal meth, were the most lethal to individuals. When considering their wider social effects, alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine were the deadliest. But overall, alcohol outranked all other substances, followed by heroin and crack cocaine. Marijuana, ecstasy and LSD scored far lower.

The study was paid for by Britain's Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and was published online Monday in the medical journal, Lancet.

Experts said alcohol scored so high because it is so widely used and has devastating consequences not only for drinkers but for those around them.

"Just think about what happens (with alcohol) at every football game," said Wim van den Brink, a professor of psychiatry and addiction at the University of Amsterdam. He was not linked to the study and co-authored a commentary in the Lancet.

When drunk in excess, alcohol damages nearly all organ systems. It is also connected to higher death rates and is involved in a greater percentage of crime than most other drugs, including heroin.

But experts said it would be impractical and incorrect to outlaw alcohol.

"We cannot return to the days of prohibition," said Leslie King, an adviser to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and one of the study's authors. "Alcohol is too embedded in our culture and it won't go away."

King said countries should target problem drinkers, not the vast majority of people who indulge in a drink or two. He said governments should consider more education programs and raising the price of alcohol so it isn't as widely available.

Experts said the study should prompt countries to reconsider how they classify drugs. For example, last year in Britain, the government increased its penalties for the possession of marijuana. One of its senior advisers, David Nutt - the lead author on the Lancet study - was fired after he criticized the British decision.

"What governments decide is illegal is not always based on science," said van den Brink. He said considerations about revenue and taxation, like those garnered from the alcohol and tobacco industries, may influence decisions about which substances to regulate or outlaw.

"Drugs that are legal cause at least as much damage, if not more, than drugs that are illicit," he said.


Online: - Home Page
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the stats that these people used are a little off, especially when talking about alcohol.

if they're just making a list of what vice causes the most damage to society as a whole, then yes, i imagine alcohol would rank much higher than everything else because it's much more readily available. but the insinuation that alcohol is as bad or worse than heroin or crack is a little much.
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Old 11-04-2010, 06:04 PM   #141
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An inquest in Cork has been told how a 19-year-old student died after he drank what was described as a lethal amount of alcohol.

The coroner's court was told that paramedics could not resuscitate Gary Murphy from Palm Drive, Grantstown Village, Waterford, when they were called to his apartment by friends with whom he had been drinking.
He drank around half a litre of vodka in total, in addition to the beer he had drunk earlier.

He became drunk, and fell on a coffee table in the apartment and on the concrete floor of the balcony outside.

He was asleep on a couch when some of his friends removed his clothes.

He was put into an elevator naked and sent up a number of floors before the elevator returned. He was then put to bed. Two more friends then shaved off one of his eyebrows.

Minutes later one of his friends noticed that Mr Murphy's lips had turned blue.
With friends like these, etc.

Student died after heavy drinking session - RT News
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^ Once, when staying at a hostel in Barcelona, I was awakened in the middle of the night by the loud, protracted retching of some American guy in the men's bathroom, which was right across the--what do you call those? the chutes at the center of so many European buildings--from the dorm I was in. I listened with growing alarm as his clearly too-drunk-to-give-a-fuck 'buddies' made a few feeble gestures at helping him--"c'mon Mahk...haaave sohhme wadda undh lesss go do behhhd..." before giving up, leaving him to continue to puke his guts out. I finally stormed down to the lobby and called for an ambulance myself. It turned out he almost died of alcohol poisoning.

This was the thing that most disturbed me about the 'youth drinking culture' when I was in college--the way all that natural, underlying protectiveness we usually feel towards friends and peers, looking out for one another even as you party and have fun, just falls away, and gets replaced by what might appear to be a shocking level of sadism and callousness if you didn't recognize the drunkenness.
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In some ways I'm amazed me or none of my friends has ever got alcohol poisoning. I think it's basically because with us it's mainly slow, steady (and yet excessive) beer or wine drinking over prolonged periods of time and we've never really been into things like chugging vodka or anything like that even in our younger and more reckless days.
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Horrible stories. I can't imagine just abandoning people like that or playing stupid games with them. Unfortunately, though, when a big group of people are completely plastered, things like rational thought and decency and concern for others generally tend to go out the window.

I've never been into the idea of getting drunk, either. At most I've gotten lightly buzzed, and that's all the farther I want to go. I get headaches often enough as it is, why do something that would just increase the chances of that happening? Why do something that you know full well will leave you getting sick all night? I don't understand the appeal. Especially when you add in the asshole behavior that often accompanies extreme drinking.


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