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like a few other people mentioned........it WAS soo quiet those days the planes were grounded. All you'd occassionally hear, and sometimes see was one of the fighter jets circling NYC.

Iimagine that................fighter jets. Who would have imagined that for reall on Sept 10, 2001. Not many!

Our circles were very lucky.
We had 2 near missesof people ONE stopping to do something that they didn't always do, before going to work in or near by the towers; Second one of my sister's closest friends was friend from her job 2 weks before-- only I didn't know til that 9-11 evening or next day-- that her job had been in the upper section of ? tower 1 (north). SHe is a heavy woman, and probably never woild have made it down.
MY sis told this over the phone and i practically started screaming with horror/releif!

aNother person COULD have been inb there b'c they often had had business in the WTC before. We didn't hear from them for 2 days
This was a close close second cousin of my sis, and worse (so to speak) a very close cousin to our mom. If any had happened to her, we do't know how our mom would have taken it.
SO we were VERY fortunate.

Obviously it was and very surreal and intense time here in the burroughs, and the immediate surrounding Tri-State area (NY/NJ/Conn).

***THANKS*** to Each & Every One of You here in the United States and AROUND the World......
......who prayed for us, who sennt good vibes abd wishes our way, who came to help ihere if they could etc. I will NEVER forget the incredible kindness of SO MANY people!!!


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Originally Posted by bonoman View Post
I listened to the Howard Stern show from that day today. I know alot of people hate him but I love him. Listening to that show during all the events you really get the sense of what so many people felt at that moment. Hate, anger, racism, betrayl, revenge, sadness, disbelief. It was extremely interesting to hear people on live radio not be so proper, they just let out everything.
I remember listening to that too, on Sept 11th-because I used to listen to it every morning. It was so bizarre to feel like that was my most "real" connection to how people there were feeling, even though I could turn on every tv channel and see it.

I watched for most of the day and then just sat in my favorite state park and cried. It usually has so much plane traffic and it was so eerily quiet. The ground beneath me didn't even seem solid, seemed like it could easily just crumble away.

Rest in peace, all . Never forget.

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