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Vox AC15C - Thoughts?

Hey guys,

So I have played guitar without a real amp for almost 8 years now, running everything through a Line 6 UX2 and Shortboard MKii on my computer. I'm a fairly casual player and only play for myself, so being able to throw headphones on and save a whole bunch of U2 presets to my computer has been my go to method for quite some time.

However, I want to upgrade a bit to bring me one step closer to the "real thing", so to speak. I am thinking about picking up a Vox AC15C and running my (admittedly cheap sounding) effects via the UX2 through it. Do any of you have experience with this amp? I figure that, because I am playing primarily in my home, I don't need the wattage or heft of the AC30 but would still like to get a sound similar to it. The AC15C seems to be a good option in that sense, but I am admittedly pretty oblivious to a lot of the finer details surrounding guitar tech in general.

Any thoughts on this?

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The chance exists that it will sound like crap. Modeling stuff basically works best when going directly into a poweramp, bypassing the preamp section that gives the AC-15 its sound. Which means forgoing the guitar input and plugging into the FX return input instead. But....... as far as I know AC-15's don't have an FX send/return loop.

So plugging your modeling unit into the preamp of an AC-15, it will probably not sound that good. I'm not even sure that you can do it with an UX2. Isn't that a tool to go straight into a PC?

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Thank you for the insight! The UX2 does go straight into a PC, but also has a "headphone" port that I have used to plug into an acoustic amp before, which has worked alright when I have wanted to play out loud. (which I suppose is similar to a "poweramp" that you mentioned) That is what I was envisioning when I posted this thread... plug the AC-15 into the "Headphones" port of the UX2, and only run the guitar input + Pod Farm effects (with no amp) through the AC-15.

I guess my question would be, is there a solution out there that has a bank of modeled effects (like the UX2 or a Pod HD500) that can be run through an amp like an AC-15 without it sounding like garbage? That is ideally what I want, mainly because I am not interested in buying a whole host of pedals/effects. Hopefully I explained that well.
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Vox AC15C - Thoughts?

I have an AC15C. Great amp. Better if you get it with a Celestion Blue (or upgrade it to one.

When I was a tech for a tribute, we'd used an HD 500 and my AC15. It sounded great.

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