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Mofo live tab

Any one have a decent guitar tab for this song?

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The Fly
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Okay, this is my first ever attempt at a tab; so please don't expect too much.

Anyways; the song can be broken into a few main parts.

During the intro; Edge is just using his wah-wah whilst moving his hand up and down the neck of his guitar as he mutes the strings. That gives the wacka-wacka noise you hear as Bono runs about and Larry starts his drumming. Next comes the pitch shifting/screaming noise. For this you need LOTS AND LOTS of sustain. To get this; use plenty of overdrive/distortion, and perhaps a sustain pedal. And, of course; some sort of pitch shifter. Edge uses a Digitech Whammy; (The original release; not the rerelease that is in the shops now; but seeing as the original is like astronomically expensive, no one will mind if we use the re-release ) I myself use a Boss PS-5 Super Shifter with expression pedal, I personally think it's better; but thats possibly just me. Anyways; I'm goin off track here. Edge seems to play a chord for this. I have no idea what it is; I'm watching the Santiago 1998 concert; And I think that he's playing:

e ------------------
B ------------------
G ------------------
D -----17----------
A -----17----------
E -----15----------

Remeber his guitar is tuned down a step too. He strikes this chord twice in quick succession; and then pushes his whammy pedal up when he hits the chord a third time. I for one dont know if he uses the "One octave up" or "Two octave up" setting; I suppose whatever sounds best to your ears. Edge then rocks the pedal backwards to get that collapsing screaming noise; remember, loads of overdrive and distortion help sustain it for the length of time he holds it. Also, he uses a nice Les Paul; its pickups probably contribute to the sustain too.

So Edge does the whammy bit twice; before Bono starts singing. During the verse; its more wacka-wacka noises. Then, for the "Mother, mother suckin' rock and roll" part; we have this wee riff played twice:

e ------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------------------------------------------
D ----------0-------------------------------------------------------
A -------3-------------------3-------3--------------------3--------
E 5--5------------0--0--3 -------------5--3--5------3----5--3--5

Then, the next verse begins; more wacka wacka noise as Bono sings "Holy dunk, space junk comin' in for the splash".
Once we reach the, "Mother, mother suckin' rock and roll" part again; play the above riff twice.

The next part is another whammy pitch shift; this one lasts longer; so you need LOADS of sustain; Edge shifts up; shifts the pitch back down slowly and seems to hold it for a second or two; and then shifts back up to full again. You'll have to listen to the recording to exact the pitch shift; but its very very fun.

Edge then turns off his pitch shifting effect and suddenly breaks into this wee cool riff.It seems to be slightly overdriven; and it has a good bit of delay too:

e ----12---12---12---12---14------9---9---9---9---9 (Riff 1)
B -10---10---10---10---10-----10--10--10-10--10
G ----------------------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------

Edge plays the following twice while Bono sings the"Mother, am I still your son" part:

e ----12---12---12---12---12---10-10-10-10--10---8---8---8---8---8-
B -10---10---10---10---10----8---8---8---8---8----6---6---6---6---6--
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

e ---8---8---8---8---8- (Riff 2)
B -6---6---6---6---6--
G -----------------------
D -----------------------
A -----------------------
E -----------------------

During the "No, no no NOOOO!" part; I think Edge slides down to the following note and holds it for a few seconds :

e ----
B -5-
G -----
D -----
A -----
E -----

Next; we have a quick pitch shift; and then Riff 1 twice, followed by riff 2 repeated to the end of the song. (The "Move me a mountain" part.) However; during this final part; Edge seems to slide riff 2 down another fret; its hard to make out but I'm almost certain he does it. GIve it a listen and see what you think. Then Riff 1 once more; and then he goes straight into "I will follow".

Well, I think thats about it. I'm sure I've assumed alot; but I paid alot of attention to the Santiago DVD to get this. If anyone has anything else they think I've left out; or is played differently by the Edge; please please say. I'd like to try and have an accurate as possible tab of this song.

Oh, and it helps immensely if you wear a cowboy hat while playing it.

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For that high pitched scream I'm 100% certain that Edge plays


On the third note hit that whammy. Hold that note, use whatever you can to keep it going. It helps to use a LesPaul since they have very good natural sustain.

For that classic 70's wacka wacka use a wah and hit some muted strings.

And I have that cowboy hat!
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I played it on my whammy and i got the effect but it didnt sound like it was in place. this was out any delay and everything. only used on the whammy.

what else do i use on there besides the whammy?
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A bit old but I'm wondering if for the pitch shift part you should have delay on? I've tried this a bit but I haven't quite nailed that sound. I'm beginning to think Edge has a Phaser or a Flanger on. If any of you own a Boss DS 1 turn the gain all the way and that will help loads. Owning any sort of Metal type pedal might help get that high gain sustaining bit. I'll go back and test out different stuff.
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Definitely delay during the 747 sound, in fact it can help to use more than one. Apparently Edge used two fuzz pedals in conjunction with delay + whammy. The fact that he has his Vox cranked up to ear shattering volumes helps with the sound as well, but its achievable to an extent with a home setup.

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