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I think this is da place to ask this question/favor...

I'm in the slow process of drawing some U2 concert art...but with a twist......

I think HTDAAB is one of their best [my 2nd so far], and so while waiting around for the tour- I have lightly sketched up [to be in a more finished state eventually] 2 pages each....imagining them playing live 2 of their new songs [2 of my favs] Yahweh & LAPOE.

Here's my 'artistic delema'! They obviously haven't played them live -yet- so there aren't any reference photos of them as such.[ #disclaimer#,I do NOT own a time machine, so I don't know either].

Does any one here have some educated opinions, since some of you must be serioous gutair afcianado's-- of which gutairs Edge ...might play for each of these above mentioned songs? As well as Adam's bass gutair.
If they turn out 'wrong', eh, that's ok...just would like more that whistling in the dark for information, so i turn to your experiences/knowledge.

A question, perhaps, begs asking...can I even draw an electric gutair??

Hell, yes! I was rocking out to The Who & Springsteen before The Hype was yet formed. And I've drawn Bruce, Pete and [rip] Entwhistle in live concert-type art. So I've drawn Strats, Gibsons, Les Pauls et al in the past, but i've never done any U2 in concert type art before I do have reference photos for some of Edge's various gutairs & Adam's as well.

please . Thanks!

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hmm. . .this is a fun question!

for Love and Peace or Else, it's pretty much anyone's guess. I know its a big big overdriven tone, and the gutiar has to be 100% bad-ass, so maybe the Les Paul Gold Top? I think that would be fat enough. Possibly the black Tele Thinline in the Vertigo video (that gutiar is too cool!).

For Yaweh, I'm thinking either the new Epiphone Casino that he's been using, or possibly the Explorer. I don't think the Strat could give him that tone. Another possiblilty is the Gibson (ES?) that he used for "One" on the Popmart video and for COBL during the Brooklyn Bridge show last month.

I hope this narrowed it down. . .

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I have to disagree about Yahweh.
If you listen to it on the record, and especially to the ending of it it's a little "streets" sound about it all...so I think Yahweh is a strat song

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Old 12-18-2004, 03:49 PM   #4
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thanks dscLP & E89 for your input...now i'll have find some Vertigo vid stills and plain ole photos of the makes & models that you've mentioned.

Anyone else can add their ideas, too.

Glad, dsclp, you found the questoin interesting. There i was starting to draw in the figures and i thought 'wait a min!' just what are Edge and Adam gonna use here?

So i blocked in a generic body-mass of an electric gutair and the straingtness of the neck without a models signature tuning pegs top, since the point is these instruments get moved around alot on the intense music parts- so it has to be established in relation to the figure {free art lesson } direction and motion perspective-wise etc.

Ok I have a question back....
now i can't use pue gutair tech etc terms so i'll do my best to describe what i hear.....

In LAPOE i hear whether it's the innate sound of that gutair plus Edge's sonic mastery, a fuzzy, buzzy [ and as u said] big sound, but the later parts esp the end remind me of the 'attack' of Acrobat.

Tho Acrobat as stormy as it is- sounds a little smother in it's basic tone even a he starts then whipping it up.

SO could he use the gutair he used on Acrobat?

Am I anywhere near close on my observations?
I know there is a subjective aspect to these kinds of questions.

and what about you bassists out there?
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