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The Fly
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Guitar rig arrangement / "furniture"...?

For those of you who have a lot of pedals and/or flat rack processors, how do you organize them for easy access and changeability ("Ok, today I'll give my RP200 a try..... No wait I can't, the bloody ME50 is in front if it so there's no room for the cables!") - how do you get around these problems? I have several items which absolutely have to be on the floor (An RP200A, ME-50, FC6 for the Korg A3 and various stomp boxes. Also a footswitch for the V-Amp 2), while others can be places on top of something (The Korg A3 and the V-Amp 2 both have detachable footswitches). I'm trying to reassemble my rig at the moment so that deciding to try a different effect doesn't have to be a big deal. The last time I set this up I had everything lined up in two rows on the floor but it just discouraged me from ever changing the order or anything because it was so awkward to rearrange the cables when needed, and then you had the issue of a cable running over a pedal on the second row and blocking the expression pedal, etc...

That kind of solutions did you guys come up with for this problem, since a lot of you seem to have very impressive rigs?

I've always loved the idea of a true bypass system which you plug every stompbox and processor into, then that controls the order and which pedals are on or off (I think edge has an old Boss FCC to do this) but there don't seem to be any modern versions of this and the FCC is out of production. MIDI central control is no problem but obviously with stomp boxes that's not possible...

So basically, two questions. 1, is there any kind of furniture I can get which is designed for holding guitar effects in an easy to access manner, and if not how did you solve these problems?
2, is there any kind of central foot pedal board I can use, like Edge's Bradshaw, except that it can also control non MIDI pedals?

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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To the best of my knowledge Boss doesn't and has not made anything called and FCC. They did make/Edge did use a Boss SCC-700 controller. But he's not used that since the Lovetown tour.

BossArea - Boss SCC-700 Sound Control Center

Bradshaw controllers were used from Zoo tours through Elevation.

Skyrdstrup controllers have been used since the Vertigo tour. Great system but very expensive.

Voodoo Lab makes the Ground Control. I have heard good things about the Ground Control.

Voodoo Lab - Ground Control Pro - Midi Foot Controller

A new controller is by Liquid Foot. They make the Liquid Foot Pro and the Jr. I know a handful of folks that have, love and swear by the Liquid Foot products. (Chas from the tribute band: The Joshua Tree [LA], Mick from the tribute band The Unforgettable Fire [NY]...)

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the bradshaw controllers have always been the "industry standard", but nowdays you can get stuff for cheaper from other brands that are just as reliable (from what i hear, i dont own one myself )
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The Fly
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Apologies, I was indeed thinking of the FCC.
I'll look into both of those, what about furniture? What do you actually house your pedals in? Edge seems to have a cabinet for his rackmounts and then some sort of square board on top in which the pedals are stored in live shots - custom built or are they a standard?

EDIT: Liquid Foot looks more like what I need, except that it's confined to MIDI, it can't control Stomp Boxes. If there was something which was like LF but also had Stomp Box support like the SCC It'd be ideal...
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you could get the liquid foot controller, but then grab a voodoo labs gcx audio switcher or similar:

Voodoo Lab - GCX Audio Switcher

using an item like this, you can control all of the stomp boxes through this unit which is midi and you can also use midi devices via the liquid foot
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