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Anyone here from in or around Middletown, NY? Form a Band?

Hi, my name is Ender. Some of you may actually know me - I've posted here a few times about my band Starways Congress.

I'm posting here because I really know no where else to post. I'm getting really disenchanted with what's going on with this band. I won't get into details, but this is why I'm here.

I'm moving to Middletown, NY, more than likely around this time next year. I'm looking to start a band down there with anyone who is interested, probably within the ages of 22-28 or something like that. I want to do original music, I want to take over the world... you know, the gratuitous messianic complex. LOL. And I'm looking for people who have similar influences...

Those being, U2 (obviously), Coldplay, Collective Soul, Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, Garbage, INXS, Stabbing Westward, Tea Party, Spacehog and the like. I don't want to make noise music, like metal, or pop, like what's on the charts now, or diaper music, like Blink 182 or New Found Glory or Good Charlotte. I want to stand apart. I want to occupy our own spectrum. I want to be closer to Coldplay than Hoobastank.

Whatever this collective sound is is what it is, but the point is that... I'm ambitious. I want to do the work, take time and consideration with the art of it... you know, REALLY care about it, set some goals and achieve them. I'm almost 25 and i'm getting restless because this is all I want to do.

On top of that, I'm a singer. And songwriter. I don't want to write all the songs a la Billy Corgan, I want the band to have a hand in that, although I have a ton of songs at of which there are a few I'd like to incorporate and let the band experiment with. Other than that, it's a group effort. But I have a really good songwriting instinct, I'm a smart lyric writer and I'm always getting better as a singer. These things are said in confidence, not conceit. I know I'm good at these things, and I HAVE to be if it's what I want to do.

Do I want to be a rock star? Yes. Do I have to be? No. I just want to get out there, pour my heart out, make the art something good, get a contract and tour the world and turn people on. It sounds corny, and maybe it's the Bono in me, but I want to change the world. I want to help people, I want to make people think. Music today on the radio is just so bland and says nothing. I want to reignite the passion of what it really means to do this. I want to take up the challenge. I want to go somewhere with this and up here, in northern NY, in the boonies, it's impossible. People think with their heads in the clouds, which is fine, cos i do too, but you need to have your feet on the ground still, you know?

Anyway, if you're interested, please check out and take a listen to the tunes. They're all there in real audio.

I know it seems as though I'm asking a lot, or maybe being a "dictator". I'm not. I'm trying to find people who want what I want. After that, I can probably rest easy. Right now, it's just... pulling teeth. And that's not right.

I can be contacted on AIM as Lemonymous, and my email is . Please if you're at all interested, please let me know.

I know I'm too ambitious for my own good, but I always set my sights high. This is all I want to do with my life. I'm looking to meet new people, make new friends, and tour the world with them. That means the most to me.

Thanks all.
Take Care,

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I don't live in NY, nor do I plan to, so I can't help you. But let me make a musical suggestion, if you are open to it. I am hedging that "shoegazer" / post-rock / ambient rock is going to be more popular. I say this, due to the current obsession with all that is 1980s, and shoegazer, at least, had a cult following in the late-1980s / early-1990s, and died in the mid-1990s. I'm betting it is due for a comeback, merely due to the increasing popularity of post-rock (thank you, Sigur Ros).

Anyway, here's who I'd suggest listening to: Slowdive (did a lot of work with Brian Eno), My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, and The Verve (their earlier stuff). Just a suggestion of mine...doing something different and gaining an early cult following is, IMO, the way to starting a popular band. After all, when U2 came out, there was nothing like them at all!

I understand where you're coming from. I'm looking to be a film auteur, myself, and I'm certainly not short of pseudo-conceited confidence!

Good luck...


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Yeah. A lot of my stuff borders on the realm of ambient and new wave. it's hard to tell what it is sometimes. I don't know if you've checked it out. Most of it is dependent on the technology that I have (or don't have, as it were) available to play with. Money, you know. Or lack thereof.

If you DO check out the tunes, let me know what you think. I wouldn't worry so much about the production value (as I am aware they are lacking and thus, are suitable as no more than rough demos really), but I think the potential is what's important in these respects.

Right now I'm working on something that's more in the realm of Ray Lynch meets Bjork meets Passengers (now wouldn't she have made a great Passenger?). I'd love to show you some of it sometime.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I wish you all the best of luck as well. Who knows, maybe we'll meet at some awards show someday.

Take Care,
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