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Acoustic songs+hammer and pull?

I have an acoustic guitar,when I get enough dough I will definitely go for an electric one,and an infinte guitar at that!I feel that this hampers me greatly as far as playing U2 goes,because most of their stuff is electirc and doesnt sound anything like it when played on electric.Some songs like A Sort of Homecoming do sound good when played acoustic though.These are the songs which are acoustic that I can play-

1.Drowning Man
2.A Sort of Homecoming
3.Staring at The Sun

Are their any other songs that can be played acoustic?I like playing chords better than just the notes,and the tabs on the internet usually dont have the exact way to play lead.

Secondly,the tabs for Stay have 'hammer on' in the main riff.What is that?And what is a pull?

Thanks in adavance.

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I can play "Bono's part" on Stay. It's just the rhythm part. If you listen to any ZooTV where they perform it, you can tell what I'm talking about. The part Edge is doing is more difficult. When they say hammer 3-->5 that means you have your index holding the 3rd fret and then you slam your other finger (middle, index, or pinky) on the 5th. Pulling is the opposite of that you pluck the 5th fret, w/your other finger alreadt on the 3rd. Maybe i didn't explain that too well, but it's hard to describe in just words with out visual aids.
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