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War Child
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Acoustic guitars

So I've wanted to get one for about 3 years, but haven't coz I didn't really know what to get.
I thought maybe if I went in to a music shop and asked them for advice, they'd either look at me suspiciously ( for various reasons including the fact that I'm a girl, have no idea what I'm talking about, and I don't know.... don't really look like a muso type ) or confuse me with technical jargon.
I am serious about this, so what should I consider to start with? Prices? I'm left-handed BTW.
Do you need lessons or can you learn beginner's stuff from books?
Please help if you can!!

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The Fly
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Hey- you shouldn't worry about dealing with music shops. Most places would be happy to help! There are many types of beginner packages where you get an acoustic, strap, strings, case, etc. for about $150-200. I know the brand Ibanez offers lots of those things. Yamaha has some beginner guitars for $150 or so such as this:

As for being left-handed, I am as well. If you don't know how to play the guitar at all it doesn't matter which hand you use. I bought a right-handed guitar and just learned right-handed so now playing left-handed would be so out there for me. Most guitars are right-handed so you may just want to learn that way. I taught myself how to play but it's difficult. I would definitely reccomend some beginner lessons and then go ahead out and buy some books or even go online to learn songs. Hope that helps...

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Id say go to a small music shop, they usually provide a better service than big shops. Just tell them that youre a beginner and that you need some advice. Dont let them you fool you to buy something really expensive. You should be able to get a decent beginners guitar for $150.

As for being lefthanded, well Im a leftie as well, but I play a right-handed bass. Like Zoomeranger already said, it doesnt make a difference when you start. You have to use both hands anyway. And you have a much bigger variety to choose from, when you play right-handed guitars.

And hey, everybody is a beginner at the beginning. Even Edge!! Nothing to be ashamed of!!!

"The bass player's got it. The bass player's fucking got it." Bono, Boston 6-9-01
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