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Originally Posted by IndyShade View Post
What's your excuse for the Journey song, by the way?
You mind showing us how they are the same?

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Haven't heard Journey in, oh, about 20 years. Just listened to a clip of Faithfully. Sure doesn't sound the same as the opening riff of I'll Go Crazy to me.

This is as silly as Joe Satriani's bid for media attention in claiming Coldplay stole Viva la Vida from him (after he filed suit others claimed to detect hints of Cat Stevens, Chris Rea, Gunther, and some others in both the Coldplay and Satriani songs).

I sure as hell don't hear Simply the Best in I'll Go Crazy!

I do hear a hint of Blondie's Heart of Glass in the intro to the NLOTH(2), but it's not exact..more like an homage than a direct quote (There is, after all, a long history in music of people composing variations on themes, or using themes from others as a basis for starting off their own compositions (actually Coldplay did this with Kraftwerk on "Talk" - the opening riff that runs throughout the song is from "Computer Love"). At this late stage of musical development, one could find something "similar" to just about everything.

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Originally Posted by IndyShade View Post
What's your excuse for the Journey song, by the way?
Here's an excuse: they're not the same. Listen to them again. The first two notes are the same, that's it. But by all means, try again.
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Personally, I am incapable of differentiating between this album and.......butter.
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Two Hearts Beat as One, Pride...& throw a Lemon in the blend and you have 'Magnificent'...
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The beginning of Breathe - Trip Trough Your Wires.
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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NLOTH --- The Fly, Until the end of the world, Lady with spinning head
Magnificent --- UF era that's for sure (I hear Pride in there)
Moment --- So cruel
Unknown caller --- well, nothing really, kind of a new sound that I like a lot
Crazy tonight --- Stuck in a moment or the Christmas song cover from december 08
Boots --- Discotheque / Vertigo for sure
Stand up comedy --- New sound as for the start, but then from the solo it's very AB like
Fez, BB --- 80's atmospheric U2, like Scarlet, feels between October, UF and Passengers, Love it!
White as snow --- Promenade (the part where he pushes his voice) the rest reminds me a bit of VDL with Bono singing...
Breathe --- I don't know
Cedars --- one step closer in better
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I hear Unforgtettable Fire in Fez @ 1:54 /5
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NLTOTH- Lady with the spinning head, who's gonna ride your wild horses, The Fly
Magnificent- The musical love child of NYD and Lemon with some UV rays thrown in!
Moment Of Surrender- So Cruel
Stand Up Comedy- Mysterious Ways (both borrow from the Madchester sound)
Boots- Discotheque, Do You Feel Loved, Vertigo
Fez- Definitely Unforgettable Fire given the Zooropa treatment. Bono's voice recaptures his vocal style in the mid eighties especially on the "autoroute" part. - the opera training must help.
Cedars Of Lebanon- Stateless? It certainly has a Million Dollar Hotel feel. Wake Up Dead Man, Your Blue Room possibly.

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