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New Bono interview

a few articles for y'all...enjoy...
btw.. .if u go to, these are MEMBERS ONLY...just thought I'd tell you. don't go bother looking for them.

<i>Blindness album delayed</i>

Much to the dismay of fans, the release date for the Blindness album has been pushed back to late 2009: "We were originally looking for a summer release," Bono said. "But we were optimistic. We can't set everything in stone, can we? You can't, or you're a rock. I have found that Irish, as a people, enjoy rocking. But we're not rocks.
"We thought we'd tour the songs first," he went on. "Then we'd sit down and say: Do we record the album? There may not be a point. But that's just what it is. Where do you go from here? Don't record the album."
In the meantime, fans can look forward to the currently scheduled October 2008 release of the band's new Assembly Edition of their celebrated How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album. article
Featuring notes by Irish poet/activist Bono
Compiled by Your Team
Watch the interview here

Q: Opening question; would you care to put to rest rumors that the new album is to be called 'How to dismantle an f-bomb'?

Bono: "I don't think there's such a thing as a rumor. It's not true, though. Fuck is quite an atomic word; people don't process it anymore."

Fresh off their last tour, the Irish supertroop have seminally regrouped with legendary Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby! producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and from November 2008 through January 2009, re-recorded most of their last album, repackaging it to be released in an Assembly Edition. On sale in October.

"We really stripped down these tracks for you - then dolled them back up again. We just couldn't stand seeing, if you will, U2 naked. So we redid it like a Beach Boys meets Queen I, meets Queen II takes T.Rex out for lunch sort of deal. And some of the songs really evolved. Man, Edge went from Charmander, completely skipped Charmeleon and right into absolute Venus-shredding Charizard mode [for] this one.
"After the Vertigo tour, we knew we had to go somewhere special, and we noticed there were hints in these small places - a Stories for Boys bridge in Vertigo, breakdancing in Love and Peace. A reminder [of] my fat Elvis days in Xanax. Larry could hear some Unforgettable Fire in Miracle Drug. When we were sure we had something, we set out on this collection. It's the least we could do. This is how the album should have been - we hope you enjoy the new running order."

"It's a love song. A love song where U2 meets the Who, or at least I do, and there's a bit of kissing. Not much, but some. I think I am the proverbial Kid with the Big Mouth. And God is in the room. That's where you get the screaming. That's the orgasm. It's a musical orgasm. With this one we tried to put the sound of the songs and the ideas in an order that quite vaguely followed our career up until All That You Can't Leave Behind; I think this song must be what the Boy album is all about."
[Sharp fans will be quick to note that it is actually Zooropa that is the band's best representation of a sonic orgasm.]

"I was humming One Week - you know that line, "You know the vertigo is gonna grow/It's so dangerous you have to sign a waiver", that line - and I had Edge's song on my mind. There was the song!
"He was the one who moved it to second track on the album. I don't mind so much, 'cause Gavin and I know where he parks his car. (laughs)"

"This song is about a lot of things, and that can bother me live - I get very sweaty for this and when I get sweaty I get nervous. But what do you do? Edge takes the verse and I'm fine.
"What is this song about? That Christropher Nolan kid? I patronize him in the song. A lover? No, Edge has to go on about medicine. AIDS? In the end, I think it's a lover's song, but it wasn't conceived that way. It's a pill, a bitter pill."
Q: Are you a pill?
Bono: "Sorry? Am I a pill?"
Q: Are you a pill.
Bono: "I think I am a pill. At least we're not dull.
"Larry's most cliche drumming yet - a real jazz man, Larry Mullen is."

"You know, we took the piano from New Year's Day, the guitar from Streets and the lyrics from Africa. Adam just told me the other day. I can't believe no one noticed. But it's a very complete song. Great live. I know, because I was there. I mean, I wasn't, because the song took me away. We tried to make it sound more like we did it then, 'cause that's the more defitinive (sic) version."

"If you can, try to imagine Joe Cocker singing this. I tried to get a brass section in here; in the end, it failed. Brian and Danny nixed it. We used the alternate take here, which really blew my balls off when we went back [for this collection]. It was like: what is this? Because this is changing the temperature of the room. So we turned it off.
"We decided it fit the era, in an odd sort of a way - badly received by fans like Rattle and Hum, traditional sounding like that album, but with a sprinkle of that Joshua Tree highness that I like to call God. Most would call it Bono. I really sprinkle it on in this take.
"You know, I tried to get some words on Joe Cocker and the missing brass in the liner notes, but guess what happened, we didn't have time. So instead I have to resort to talking about it everywhere I can, and it's like, shut the fuck up already. It's taken out of most interviews, or so I've heard. In a way, it would be very cheap, but I like to think U2 fans have a little imagination, especially if the instructions or the sheet music is given to them. And they've got that; they should got that (sic). U2 is often at it's very best when we're very cheap. You know, we weren't conceived that way - but we are doing better than ever."

"It's a really fucking bitter pill, this song. It's probably the one most like Passengers that we recorded; I'll even vouch as saying it's better than that album. There are some creepy sounds - and they are there to perform heart surgery. Larry had some fun with this one - you can really tell in his playing. Pure joy.
"For the re-record, we got Brian [Eno] to do some new keys. I didn't know the words, but I sung anyway. Adam coaxed these otherwordly string players into coming in for a session - but I don't know if they ever showed up, you can't hear them on the album. And I regret that."

"A leftover from the All That You Can't Leave Behind sessions. We thought it would be appropriate to include here - bright, shiny bubblegum sound; lyrically, not too deep. Best b-side you ever heard."

"An earnest band with political overtones kicks off their boots for fuzzy dance slippers, if you get what I'm saying. I ask some very heavy questions in this one, et al., it's really the same question over and over again: Where is the love? It's an important question, a great lyric, but I don't think Edge gets it. It's a fucking tough question, that needs answering. You have to be careful, though, when you go into these things - you've got to be sure you keep your legs spread, keep a firm foot on each dancefloor. You've got to. As far as changes, I think Larry tuned his kit differently."

"OK, it's 2002, I'm getting fat - and Universal tells us we need a new single. We say OK, fine, alright, let's do this and get it over with. Into the studio. We get nothing done. So we do a run-through take of A Sort of Homecoming, most of it anyhow - and that works. Alright, so we call in Brian and he shows up and slows the tape down. He plays it back for me, I sing some - nothing. Nothing good, anyhow. It doesn't go well. We're getting very frustrated, in a very unhealthily aggressive way. So Edge hooks up his Gibson and plays the first few chords of Jack and Diane, all the while not knowing the signal was still being re-routed to be slowed. None of us did. And it was beautiful. Adam yelled. We put that in the song. Most people think it's me, but it's not. I think I sang something about a truck - and off we went. It was madness, the next couple of days, but what a trip.
"I think we recorded the initial bed for the new recording in something like two minutes. That's how bad it was. The band's playing lately is insane. The atmosphere on this song is great, indescribable. Literatively and figurally (sic). The same atmosphere as on songs like Stay and Ultraviolet, and any others with exclamation points in the title. You can actually hear the strings on this one."

"I think this is where the band left off after jumping the Venusian punk circuit in the 90s. U2 is a big band, right? No. We're a mammoth band. We come from outer space, we're in your face, a plate of grace. And this didn't even chart.
"I was pissed. Sometimes you just have to take what's dished out to you, but I was pissed. I was not feeling good about it, and Edge would not stop bitching about the chords. It was just a miss. It was hit or miss, and I think people are really starting to miss this song now. That's why we included it here, so you can listen again. It would've been better if we got Robbie Williams to do the vocal...I do sound terrible on it. Edge said no to that, too. Go to hell, I said. I think that's when the band really began to fall apart."

Q: When will we be seeing any more new material?
A: "Well...well, Edge and I are working on the Spiderman 4 soundtrack now, due out eventually. It's turned into a musical-in-a-movie thing; things have really changed. We finished Wave of Sorrow just in time for it to be included. All that's left [that] we need is a villain song. I think Edge is opting for Vertigo; I may just be in agreeance. Another U2 album is still a long way off."

Q: So, finally, at the end of the day: How do you dismantle an atomic bomb?
Bono: "I don't think you can. They're very atomic, and we're a very atomic band. I'm the nucleus and Edge is the brain. They can't take it away when love is all you've got."

Copyright 2008 U2.COM

Disc 1
1. All Because of You
2. Vertigo
3. Miracle Drug
4. City of Blinding Lights
5. Yahweh
6. Xanax and Wine
7. One Step Closer
8. Are You Gonna Wait Forever?
9. Love and Peace or Else
10. Electrical Storm
11. Original of the Species
12. North Star (bonus track on Japanese release)

Disc 2
1. For Your Love
2. One Bird
3. Your Blue Room
4. Miss Sarajevo (Live from Milan)
5. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own (Live from Milan)

NOTE: The new mixes are not known to be significantly different from their original incarnations. The bulk of them have already leaked online; please refrain from sharing them. this saved from teh old ANNHILATION TOUR wiki aticle....WARNING MAJOR TEASER

One of the new Blindness cuts, apparently recorded entirely at a 19/11/05 soundcheck, has leaked online and already has fans chittering. A sample of the "bluesy" track, tentatively titled Hoodoo by fans, can be downloaded by accessing the URL below."
MMM new beach clits...

IF NE1 WANTs the old Annihilation article's code to put up i got it saveed...Wiki banned my IP
dont tell them but some1. I need a email address, then i'll can send it to you. thanks.

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Someone has way too much time on their hands...

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What the hell is this? A joke?
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Re: New Bono interview

MMM new beach clits...
i love beach clits too
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yep beach clits are the best LOL
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Re: Re: New Bono interview

Originally posted by Dusty Bottoms

i love beach clits too

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I can't believe I read the whole thing.
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Originally posted by The Sad Punk
I can't believe I read the whole thing.

sad you have any idea how hard I'm laughing?

i read half of it and the more i read the more confused I got, and the lower my jaw dropped...

then i scrolled down and saved myself some time and a lot of thought...

holy shit interference is desperate...really, really, really....desperate
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Well it was either one of two things....

1. Bono was really High during this interview
2. It was made up!

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someone needs to get a job.
Hello hello
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This can't be real...a remaking of HTDAAB????
I loved the album but a remake?
A new album far off!
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what just happened?
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Originally posted by JCOSTER
This can't be real...a remaking of HTDAAB????
I loved the album but a remake?
A new album far off!
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Como estas??

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