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Can't wait to see those songs in the flesh.

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I haven't been to a show yet (Chicago!), but based on what I've heard -

Crazy Remix is great fun - one of the ballsiest things U2 has done live in recent memory. seriously, when was the last time they changed a song that much live? I love it
MOS is a beautiful closer and a great showcase for Bono's voice
Breathe is a decent opener - awesome song, not as bad an opener as people seem to think it is... maybe not the best choice for opener though
No Line on the Horizon, Magnificent, Boots - ROCK live
Unknown Caller - very glad they played it, thought they might not...seems to translate very well.

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^ no shows for me yet either . . . just lots of set party listening

I love the tracks they've chosen off the album . . .whilst I understand the love for Fez I don't think it would translate well in such a huge setting . . .its such a gorgeous and intimate song and it deserves a smaller setting

Adore No Line live - its got a fantastic manic energy to it that I imagine would take most casual fans by suprise
Crazy tonight remix had me scratching my head for a bit but it seems to get the audiences bouncing
Breathe - love it love it love it . . . as I haven't been to a show yet I have no idea how it goes over as an opener with the masses . . . I'd imagine that for the casual fan they'd be thinking what the?
Magnificent . . . Edge's guitar just hits me right where I live every time
Boots is too much fun - you can almost feel the energy from the crowd through the speakers ( )
Unknown Caller - certainly sounds like the audience get right in to it which is always a good thing
MOS - wasn't convinced about this as a closer the first few times I listened in, but the band seems to be more confident with it now and Bono just nails the emotional subtext every time

'You might just as well say, that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!'
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Wow . I just listened to Moment Of Surrender from the Sheffield show , it gave me goose bumps . Bono's voice is amazing .
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The songs sound fantastic live! Really made me like the album loads more.

Unknown caller and Moment of Surrender live are beautiful. The later is such a nice song to finish on, and is the perfect song to play over a stadium lit up with phone lights. Oh oh oooooooh oh oh oh!

The other tracks are also much better live than on record. Boots really is fantastic live, and after 4 shows I now much prefer the remix of Crazy... expecially live. Such a fun moment in the show.
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NlOTH would be the perfect opener. MOS is brilliant live, it took some time to warm to this song, but live it is in a whole other ballpark.
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After hearing the Sheffield boot, I have to say I LOVE the album so much more now. I couldn't get into it before, but now... YES!!!
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The title track sounds great live- it sounds a tad quicker than the album version which gives it a kick. Breathe struggles without a second guitar part, rather like All Because Of You on the last tour. Boots, Magnificent and UC are all improvements but the jury is still out on MOS- perhaps it's in the wrong slot. On the whole, though, the songs translate impressively well.
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And Crazy Tonight is a revelation of course.
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Originally Posted by U2girl View Post
Now that the first leg is almost over and we heard/saw the songs...what do you think of No line live ?

Nice to see Larry sing along on UC, MOS and Boots.

NLOTH: a bit more agressive, compared to the live version. "I'm a traffic cop!" part hits it live.
Magnificent: not sure the longer "oh oh oh" Bono intro works, otherwise good.
MOS: beautiful closer. Gutsy from Bono to sing this after a full 2hour show.
UC: good, though I'm not quite sold on the chorus singalong they try in the show.
Crazy: It's catchy on the album but WOW talk about a transformation live.
Boots: thought this would open the show-or the encore. Grower live compared to album, especially the twisted EU hymn intro and "let me in the sound" part.
Breathe: it's getting mixed reviews but my second favourite after Crazy. Larry's intro alone gets things off to a good start.
Wow, this is pretty much exactly how I feel about ALL of these songs as well!
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Love all the new songss ive (just from youtube and bootlegs). Boots is just great live. I especially love the intro. I think it should open the shows. The Crazy remix is great! The boys love playing it! I actually like Breathe as an opener but it's not the best choice. Magnificent is good but it's a bit dissapointing after the promo's. NLOTH is just full of energy (love Bono's voice). MOS is a great closer. Bono's voice is just outstanding and the oh oh ho's in the end are great. I like UC live but I think it could have been a lot better. The chorus doesn't work as well as I expected.

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