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Mindless Vandalism

I hope this message makes sense to everyone as i have never posted on a forum before, but i am asking for some help from fellow U2 fans.

My names Dave I live on Portland in the United kingdom and I have been a devoted fan since about 84. My (now) lodger got me into U2 all those years ago, and for that I will always thank him.

In about 1992 I started to collect as many U2 bootlegs/concerts as I could afford. Once the internet arrived this became much easier and instead of collecting tapes I changed to CD's. Im not saying that I have the biggest collection in the world but it was a collection of around 20 or so concerts that i have lovingly collected from all around the world, a collection that i am proud of.

Recently I had my car stolen by two escaped prisoners! The damage to the car was quite bad, but the main problem was that I had left a number of my favourite Cd's in the car.
I couldnt care less about the car, but the ba****ds went through my CD's and snapped each and every one.
When I collected my car from the police you can imagine my dismay to find my U2 collection broken into pieces on the floor!

I know some of you must be thinking why were they in the car? My job involves a lot of driving and thats when/where I listen to music. Also Portland is a small Island community with a virtually non exsistant crime rate - i can remember a car thief about 3 years ago being run off the Island!

What Im asking for is some help in replacing my collection, I havent even brought myself to check exactly whats been taken/snapped but I can remember some straight away.
All of the released albums that were snapped like Joshua Tree, War, Achtung, ATYCLB etc can be replaced over time, but its the rare concerts that i want you to help me with.

I am willing to pay for replacement copies and any help will be appreciated; the live ones that I know were snapped are

1984 Unforgettable Fire - Live in Spain - In a Circus Tent? (Not Sure of what it was called "Thank U2 for the music" I think?)

U2 Dublin 1989 - got shorter version but the one that was snapped had an Intro and new year countdown and was over two discs.

Popmart tour (i think) where they played Chile and brought the Mothers of the Disapeared on stage - brought it for this song, its beautiful.

There were others non specific concerts as well which i dont really expect to replace like u2 in Chicago 87/88 during Joshua Tree Tour. Also the Achtung outtakes, but again I am not worried about these as I rarely listened to them.

Any help would be appreciated, and i will have to sort through my total collection to see what else is missing.
Thankyou Dave Symes,

The irony of all this is that i was going to back up all my CD's soon as i thought they were getting scratched in the car!!

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Oh man Im so sorry

I can help you with the dublin one and I believe its called New Year's Eve and Santiago Popmart

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You can imagine how gutted i was!!

Thanks for the exact names of the concerts, I say Im a collector, but I am never exactly sure of what Ive got. I collect them to play them. I just love the music.
I know Ive got some quite rare ones, and i guess most people would say keep them special and one day they will be worth a couple of quid, but i always think sod that i want to hear them! At the end of the day thats why we buy it!
But having said that it brings me back to the fact that i was going to back them all up!! I think i have to stop talking about it and actually do it now, before my house burns down and i lose the lot!! Now theres a cheery thought!

Anyway thanks for your offer - my email is on the thread - so if you want to email me with details of how to contact you and how much you want?
Thanks Dave
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Your e mail link is not working in your profile. Drop me a line via mine.
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