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Extremely Rare Genuine SALOME (the Axtung Beibi Outtakes) 3 CDs to sell

Hello every one, it's the first time I am selling a CD on this Forum. I have chosen the rarest piece in my collection : the SALOME.
"For those who do not know what is the "Salome", here is a description :
In December 1990, U2 had entered the recording studio in Berlin to begin writing songs for what would become Achtung Baby. The band recorded their jam sessions and sent the results to producer Brian Eno for feedback. One set of DAT working tapes was stolen and widely bootlegged around April 1991. This three-CD set is the most comprehensive collection of the band's sessions and is considered the holy grail of unofficial U2 material. (A word of caution: these are not even demos, much less rough mixes of the final album.) The Achtung Baby Sessions are valuable because they reflect U2's recording process on one of the 1990s' most important albums. This set is not U2 unplugged; most moderate fans would find the sessions maddening. But hardcore fans will gain a new appreciation for the band's creativity. These sessions represent no more than four months of the band's reinvention, once described as "The sound of four men chopping down The Joshua Tree." These three CDs capture the process -- described as thorough and effective once completed -- in midstream. If Achtung Baby is the album that completely changed U2's sound and style, then The Achtung Baby Sessions demonstrate the effort it took to get there. From April 1991 to February 1992, The Achtung Baby Sessions were released in four different formats. The first three pressings were on vinyl and were called The New U2: Rehearsals and Full Versions. February 1992 saw the definitive release of a three-CD set, called Salome: The Achtung Baby Sessions. The digital quality, of course, makes the vinyl versions useless to all but the most obsessive, completist U2 fans. "Salome" refers to the initial song that U2 based most of its early riffing and improvising on. The track was left off the official Achtung Baby release, but was included as a B-side on the "Even Better Than the Real Thing" single, which is a required purchase for owners of this bootleg. In the pre-Napster world, U2 became the first band to have a major release bootlegged before the project was released or abandoned. As a result, Salome: The Achtung Baby Sessions ranks up there with the Beach Boys' Smile and Prince's The Black Album for mythical bootlegs. U2 and their management both criticized the manufacturers of The Achtung Baby Sessions for cheating fans by selling inferior material. They claimed the final album evolved greatly from these sessions. But that is why they are important. Instead of compiling alternate versions of now-famous songs, The Achtung Baby Sessions reveal the often secretive songwriting process. Bono himself admitted buying a copy of the three-CD set. What follows is an overview of what nuggets are in The Achtung Baby Sessions. Achtung Baby titles are used when possible. Throughout the three discs, and especially with the first, Bono leads the recording process, directing the improvising band. The band was trying to tease hooks and powerful elements out of the ether -- to recreate what U2 meant right there in the studio. The songs on the album did not begin as separate compositions. Rather, they were inspirations jumbled together, and when U2 liked an element, they isolated it and later developed them into songs. (If this one fact -- and that you get to hear them do it -- does not give you chills, then The Achtung Baby Sessions are not for you.)

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/salome-the-axtung-beibi-outtakes#ixzz1cGYpoQzH"

Here are the pics of this 3 CDs Box Set (you must log in to see the pics) :

This BoxSet is absolutely Genuine. I have own it since 1994. I think it's one of the latest copy available so this is a unique chance to had it to your collection.

If any interest send me a PM.

All the Best.
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