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The Fly
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DVD Burning Problem

I'm in some trouble with a couple of trades and I wonder if any of you guys can help me. I recently got 4 dvds from a trader but none of them will burn straight from DVD to DVD-r. On three of them I can save them to my hard drive and burn them no problem. On the fourth one though (Dublin 93) there is a Video_RM file as well as a Video_TS file and my Nero Express burning software doesn't like it. It keeps on telling me there are errors despite the fact that the original dvd seems fine.

I would really appreciate any suggestions because I need to burn the dvd for a couple of trades I have on the go at the moment. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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The Fly
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Now since its not a copyrighted dvd you can just copy and paste it to your hd (takes 30 min to transfer). If that WORKS then it should be an okay dvd. So need to get a little more info.

If it won't copy and paste to your HD and (windows) errors ther than your reader dosen't like your dvd. This is a rare occurance but happens. I've given the same dvd that errorer on the HD copy to a friend and his drive copied it fine.

If it copies to your HD fine and then NERO gives you an error right off the bat then try going ahead anyway. I've had this happen rarely as well and generally this is a bogus Nero warning that you can ignore and it will burn fine (try it out well though). Now if it errors midway through the burn consecutively than you may have a bad disc (which can happen and may be mainly viewable but impossible to copy) If you have powerdvd on your computer you can check to see if it will play the file on your computer with no problem or not.

Hope this helps
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