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the best album of songs

i have a plan. i am going to list my best album of songs

can you make a list of your favorite songs by song number. i have achtung baby, pop, all you can leave behind and bomb and also the new album. my best album of songs for song 1 would be zoo station, discotheque, beautiful day, vertigo or no line on the horizon. which one is best? what is song 2 and song 3 and all the songs to the end.

here is my best album of songs

1. discotheque
2. even better then the reel thing
3. mofo
4. love or peace or else
5. kite
6. get on your boots
7. wild honey
8. miami
9. white as snow
10. new york
11. love is blindness

i do not have all the albums, so i can only tell you from these. what is your best album of songs? i think it is hard

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1) Beautiful Day
2) Magnificent
3) One
4) If God Will Send His Angels
5) Running To Stand Still
6) In A Little While
7) Bad
8) Crumbs From Your Table
9) White As Snow
10) Breathe
11) Grace

Yeah, this was quite hard choosing between B-Day/Zoo Station, Magnificent/Miracle Drug/Stuck, UTEOTW/Lemon/IGWSHA, Bad/The Fly...

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Wow this is very tough but ok here goes:Since only 2 out of 5 albums have 12 tracks officially Im going to place one wildcard song into the 12th slot.I will also give a runner up list as well.

4.Unknown Caller
6.Daddys Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car
8.Mysterious Ways
9.Dirty Day
12.Original of the Species

Runner Up List

1.Beautiful Day
2.Stuck In A Moment
3.Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own
4.Until The End Of The World
5.Stay(Faraway So Close)
6.Get On Your Boots
7.The Fly
8.Crumbs From Your Table
9.Playboy Mansion
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Originally Posted by linearlove View Post
i have achtung baby, pop, all you can leave behind and bomb and also the new album.
I'd suggest you do something rather quickly about that lack of eighties U2 albums. Then you can get something quality like this:

1. A Sort Of Homecoming
2. Twilight
3. New Year's Day
4. The Unforgettable Fire
5. Stay
6. Red Hill Mining Town
7. Bad
8. Fez-Being Born
9. One Tree Hill
10. The Electric Co.
11. Acrobat
12. Love Is Blindness
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1=Fuck, how do I choose between Discotheque and Beautiful Day?
2=Do You Feel Loved. Okay, that was easy. Right?
3=With or Without You. Well, maybe Mofo or New Year's Day. or One. No, it's gotta be WOWY.
4=Unknown Caller. Wait, what's 4th on AB? Until the...fucking hell. I don't even know.
5=Stay. Yep.
6=Last Night on Earth. Okay, I'm getting the hang of this. Wait, I kind of like GOYB though. like, a lot. LET ME IN THE SOUND LET ME IN THE SOUND LET ME IN THE SOUND SOUND LET ME IN THE SOUND
7=FREEDOM FOR MY PEOPLE no rly, Gone. Sorry Bad and The Fly.
8=FEZ, ftw. I do like Indian Summer Sky a lot though. Very underrated. But no, it's not better than Fez. NO WAI.
9=Hmm the 9th tracks on U2 albums usually kinda suck, except White as Snow and When I Look at the World. And Dirty Day too. of those. Yes, I like them more than One Tree Hill. Get over it. well, maybe. On second thought, maybe not. IDK THIS IS TOO HARD
10=Fuck my life. Exit.
11=Now this isn't fair. I have to say Acrobat, but I feel like I'm murdering my children when I ignore Please and Cedars.
12=GBHF if bonus traxxx count. We're gonna say they count, because I can't pick between LIB and WUDM.

Hey that wasn't so hard!!
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I'll take Achtung Baby, as is. No changes.
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New Years Day
With or Without You
The Unforgettable Fire
Moment of Surrender
So Cruel
Drowning Man
Love Comes Tumbling
Beautiful Day

But that's just disc one.
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Side 1:
The Fly
The Electric Co

Side 2:
Where The Streets Have No Name
One Tree Hill
With Or Without You
Cedars of Lebanon

Or something like that, anyway.
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1. A Sort of Homecoming
2. I still havent found what I'm looking for
3. With or Without you
4. Lemon
5. Who's gonna ride you wild horses
6. So cruel
7. Bad
8. Mysterious Ways
9. When I look at the world
10. Original of the Species
11. Please

Runner ups:

1. Beautiful Day
2. Miracle Drug
3. Moment of Surrender
4. The Unforgettable Fire
5. I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight.
6. Last night on Earth
7. Gone
8. Fez-BeingBorn
9. Trying to throw your arms around the world.
10. Ultraviolet
11. Yahweh

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