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Post your 1st's with U2

First album I bought was Zooropa, so thats where Ill start

Zooropa-Road my bike down to CD City (Out of business now) and bought it on a hot July day. I remember hearing the Wanderer and thinking "who the fuck is singing this song and why isn't it Bono".

POP- Went to Sam Goody (out of business now) on my lunch break from school, drove home and put it in the CD player. I remember thinking "Wow, what a cool looking CD". Loved Do you Feel Loved but was frustrated with Velvet Dress because it was so hard to hear what Bono was saying at the start of the song.

ATYCLB- At college, went to the Music Box (still open) at midnight and then went home and blasted it on my stereo. Walk on!! I was also thrilled with Elevation

Bomb- I was sitting at my computer and you guys ruined it for me (okay, I right clicked on the " link" but I blame all of you I remember loving Love and Peace and Miracle Drug.

No Line- Waited until Midnight (the official release) and downloaded it off of iTunes. Blasted it at 12:15am two times all the way through. I was so excited because I read all of the critics reviews and of course Interference reviews.

Anyway, those are my firsts.........

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I've been a U2 fan since my toddler days, but this is actually my first time getting a cd on it's release date.

NLOTH: I totally downloaded it the nanosecond I found out about the link, but like a good U2 fan, I went out and bought my cd copy at Wal-Mart on the 3rd while grocery shopping.

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New Yorker
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First U2 CD I ever purchased: ATYCLB on Boxing Day of 2000 (used my $20 gift certificate to get it).

First U2 CD Single: Electrical Storm in 2002 (the one with 2 remixes of "New York")

First U2 CD to ever pricematched: NLOTH (5 days after its release date)
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The first U2 CDs I ever bought were Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire at the same time at Best Buy. I was given ATYCLB for my 14th birthday, and loved it (still do- it's my favorite album). I started researching who U2 was, and that summer, the summer of 2002, I decided to begin the process of getting all their albums. I did a little looking online to see what most people said were their two best albums, and I decided on Joshua Tree and TUF. How I ended up with TJT/TUF and not TJT/Achtung Baby I'm not sure...

First and only concert- May 7 05 in Chicago
First CD single- Elevation
First favorite song- Beautiful Day
First "new album" experience- HTDAAB. Actually, I remember going to Best Buy the day The Best of 1990-2000 came out, but Bomb was my first new album experience.
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first time attaching a face to a name - super bowl halftime show

then i started listening to all my dad's U2 stuff, but the first i listened to all the way through was atyclb, and i remember getting to "grace" and just being like " o.....m......g........."

don't remember the first i bought on my own, but got bomb and nloth on release dates
i remember reading chris martin in rolling stone, and he said he would take 6 months between buying a new U2 album, so he could soak up each one
i think i bought every dvd/book/cd in a one month period when i was 13 on one hand i wish i had savored it all, on the other there was no human way to do that, i was and am obsessed
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War Child
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The first album I bought was Achtung Baby but that was a year after it came out.Had heard it first when my friend brought the album over my house.So the first new album I bought was Zooropa.I remember seeing the video for Numb and thought it was real weird compared to Achtung Baby songs.But I liked that and after about two weeks I loved Zooropa.I bought Zooropa at a Pic N Save near a flea market in the central valley.
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First album I bought: Joshua Tree

First U2 concert: Nov. 22, 2005, Vertigo Tour, Madison Square Garden, New York City

First U2 video I saw: Unforgettable Fire

First U2 t-shirt: A picture of the four of them from the War days, with Under a Blood Red Sky lettering on the back.
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First album I bought: Achtung Baby

First song I liked: With or Without You (I think?)

First album I bought on release day: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

First concert: Milwaukee - September, 2005
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1st Song: HMTMKMKM
1st Video: HMTMKMKM
1st Album: The Joshua Tree
1st Album On Its Release Day: Bomb
1st Album Leak: NLOTH
1st Concert Video: Elevation Live In Boston
1st Audio Concert Bootleg: Point Depot New Year's Eve/Day Concert
1st Video Concert Bootleg: Pro Shot JT LA Show
1st Demo: Be There
1st Beach Clip: 400

I can't think of anymore.
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1st time I became aware of their existence: circa Live Aid and my sister's 1986 "MTV Video Stars" book (yes, 'video stars'!), which had a feature on U2. They seemed a bit serious and stuffy. I'll never forget the sentence: "Their album War was so popular that U2 are almost embarrassed by it." (How things have changed!)
1st album I owned: The Joshua Tree (on cassette)
1st CDs I owned: War and Unforgettable Fire

I've never bought an album on it's release day, but I bought Zooropra about 3 days after it came out, and HTDAAB maybe a week after....

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