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U2 Dallas review: AMAZING! (was there any doubt?)

Posted 10-13-2009 at 02:39 PM by Discoteque

My 2 cents worth on last night's show...pictures will be posted shortly...somewhere.

  • SOOO MUCH. First let me just say thank you to Marcos in Houston who blew me off the morning of the concert, because the seat I got at the ticket window was absolutely PRIMO. Seriously, I could not have asked for better: great view, able to see and hear everything perfectly. Even better, the dad and his 2 young sons seated next to me left halfway thru the show (um, why?) so I had a wonderful bunch of extra elbow space in which to rock out and dance, which I definitely did. Plus the ticket was only $55, woot! Also found a great close parking spot, and parking was a mere $30 rather than the $40 I was anticipating. Woo. That $10 bought me a hot dog. Woo.
  • Also a big shout out and many huge thanks to Zuropa_fit (Maryann) for her help in trying to track down a ticket for me, thanks Maryann!!!
  • OK. Willie Williams is a flippin GENIUS. How he continues to come up with all these lighting sets boggles my mind. The lighting effects were AMAZING, with that expandable lighting cage (okay and the weird inverted spire and crab claws, tho it was probably an ADHD person’s nightmare, LOL). The 360 video screen really made for a great show, like combining a U2 concert and your favorite U2 DVD/video together. Nice to be able to really SEE the guys from lots of angles, and up close! Boy, does Bono sweat a lot. Ha.
  • Muse, who I knew nothing about before this, was FANTASTIC. Definitely going to look into them some more. They also had that touch of ‘gothiness’ in their music that I always adore…even if I couldn’t get over that their drummer looked like Dana Carvey and the singer looked like John Waite.
  • Most important: LOTS. OF. BATHROOMS. Need I say more, ladies?
  • OMG. UNFORGETTABLE FIRE!!!!! I thought I was gonna wet my pants when I heard those first notes...I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it again! It was a sheer JOY to hear that song in concert; something I don't think I have ever heard at any of their shows, ever. Truly one of my favorite U2 songs ever.
  • The funniest bit of the evening was Bono (as only Bono can) trying to get the audience to clap/wave their hands at the beginning of their new version of ‘Crazy Tonight’. He was having a hard time trying to figure out the timing, and said “I’m a white person!” For me, that song was one of the highlights of the whole show. While I don’t really like the song on the CD (just don’t), I absolutely LOVED this disco-y/dance version of the song, as well as the video clips of the guys they put up. Shades of Pop, so for me, it was all good!
  • At one point Bono pulled up on stage a kid of 14 (Alex?) who he took on a tour of the circle catwalk, and Bono let him wear his shades at one point. I could tell the kid was pretty awestruck, but he managed to tell Bono he either was in? or wanted to start a band. It was so
  • The video of the space baby from AB/Zooropa era…no idea what it was saying, I was just happy to see its little face again.
  • ‘Ultraviolet’ was a GREAT encore song, that lighted hanging mic that Bono used was pretty slick; thought that was a great touch. I’ve seen a couple of pics on other sites of Bono standing there in the ‘fog’ with the mic in front of him; a really great photo.
  • First encore Bono came out wearing…what the heck was he wearing anyway? A spikey fiber optic suit??? Odd. I think it might have bugged him--at one point, he kind of flinched—maybe one of those things poked him the wrong way!
  • Oh yes. Lest I forget to mention, Mr. Larry Mullen Jr. seems to now be SINGING ALONG to some of their songs, or else he does a really good version of lip syncing. I think I counted at least 4 songs he was singing along with. Will wonders never cease?

  • SOUND SYSTEM WAS CRAP! One would think that JJ would have put in a decent sound system, but NO. The sound was muddy, not all that loud for a place that size; very echo-y; Bono’s mic kept cutting out, at one point he went and put his ear right next to a speaker…? Could he not hear himself? I think there were a couple other ‘technical difficulties’ that occurred during the show as well, I saw Dallas poke his head up during one of them, never a good sign (as cute as Dallas is).
  • Seats were crap. Cheap plastic that will probably break within a short time. Uncomfortable after about half an hour.
  • Because of the giant behemoth of a TV screen hanging from the ceiling for games (I swear it’s like 50 x 100 x 30), they could not raise the spire to its full height; instead they inverted it, with 1/3 sticking up at the top (looking weirdly unfinished), and the other 2/3 hanging downward pointing toward the stage, which was then mostly covered by the cage. I’m sure this caused ‘issues’ with the lighting for some of the songs. Mostly lighting was relegated to the cage and the claw itself. There was plenty of vertical room if the screen simply had not been there. Definitely Dallas’ loss.
  • The food/drink of course, was very expensive. Bottle of water: $5.00. Hot dog: $8.50.
  • At the end of the show, it was a rather strange ending, so people didn’t know they were saying “thank you” for the evening, or for the song that had just ended…it caused a weird lull in the flow …people were like, “Oh, you’re done? It’s the end? Uh, okay, WOOOO!” clapclapclap…
  • One of the light screen segments was out on our side of the cage, causing a giant ‘beauty mark’ on the closeups, which was rather annoying. It was somewhat fixed during U2, but still visible. Bleh.
  • I saw way too many drunk people there. The little gal in front of me in the restroom was SO drunk, she was nearly asleep where she stood, and was shuffling about like an old lady. At one point she nearly fell on me, so I grabbed her and said "I really hope you're not driving home." She just smiled and mumbled "thank you." Oy.
  • No ‘Your Blue Room’ tonight. Waah.

  • The new stadium does rather look like a space ship, and it’s definitely HUUUGE.
  • OK, just before U2 came on, they free-hoisted 4 sets of guys with cables, who were literally hanging off the inside of the ‘crablegs’ for lighting, camera shots, whatever. Watching this procedure was extremely harrowing (to me). If they were to fall, there was no net, nothing to catch them, and they were a good 30 or more feet above ground level. Which was concrete. I kept thinking: isn’t there some other safer/better/more intelligent way of doing this?
  • It was super foggy when we got out of the show, which added an otherworldliness to the evening. Good old Texas weather!
  • Traffic sucked! Because they wouldn't let anyone turn left, it took me nearly an hour to get from the parking lot just to Hwy 360! To the people that buy season tickets: are you nuts?
  • Burned up the batteries in both my camera and my iPhone, LOL. Yep, took a few pics. And videos. And sometimes forgot my video recorder was still on.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening, even if I was by myself. I wish I could afford to go to more concerts, but when I do go, the rarity of the occasion makes it just that much more special to me! Now hope the boys will swing back around again in 2010 close enough for me to check them out again....

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  1. Old Comment
    indra's Avatar
    Glad you had a great time!
    Posted 10-14-2009 at 01:32 AM by indra indra is offline
  2. Old Comment
    zuropa_fit's Avatar
    Glad you had an awesome time. Sorry I couldn't get you a seat (plenty of GA's to be had in that line though!) but it sounds like you did fine on your own.
    Posted 10-14-2009 at 01:33 AM by zuropa_fit zuropa_fit is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Glad you had a good time! I saw U2 play at the Coliseum in Los Angeles and it was awesome! Are you from Dallas? Where did you stay? My friend was trying to save money and stayed at one of these Dallas Airport Hotels and it was surprisingly cheap. Unfortunately, I have my dog with me so I have to find a Dallas dog Friendly Hotel, but I need to go to a concert in Dallas! I hear it's so fun and I think this sounds like the perfect venue. It's so big and it just seems so exciting. I'm surprised the sound system is so bad. Thanks for the info!


    Posted 02-25-2010 at 07:03 PM by sellis sellis is offline

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