U2 to Premiere (RED) Charity Track “Invisible” During Super Bowl Ad

January 23, 2014

Let’s get it out of the way first: it is not known whether “Invisible,” an upcoming track released to raise funds for (RED) will be included on U2′s upcoming, Danger Mouse-produced album, due sometime in 2014.

What is known is that, for the second time in a matter of months, U2 fans have new music to listen to. They should be momentarily satiated.


The content of the ad and the future of the limited edition single are still in question. What is certain is that this will be a highly lucrative campaign, one that will get U2′s name in the minds of listeners without actually saying a word about the new album, which even Danger Mouse himself is not allowed to discuss publically.

It’s an interesting time to be a U2 fan. Stay patient for these next 10 days and let’s hope “Invisible” gives us some inclination of what’s ahead.

U2 Performs Surprise Gig at Haiti Benefit

January 12, 2014

U2 fans starved for news had a terrific weekend. Beyond reports of a new album-related Super Bowl advertisement, as well as leaked clips from the Danger Mouse sessions that may or may not have been broadcast in a hangar of some sort – if you got creative, you could make out an aircraft nearby – U2 also made an appearance at Sean Penn’s third annual Haiti benefit. Consistently hosted on the eve of the Golden Globes, last night’s gala was a particularly lucrative benefit, raising an impressive $6 million for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization and U2 kept spirits high with performances of “I Will Follow,” “Vertigo” and “Desire.”

Haiti ”It’s been a while since we played a hotel lounge,” Bono quipped to the crowd at the Montage Hotel, which included stars such as Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman and a likely thrilled Chris Martin. “”I think the last time was a bar mitzvah.”

In general, this was the first time U2 had performed as a full band in quite some time; their last performance was in May, an unplugged take on “Sunday Bloody Sunday” performed from the rooftop of Electric Lady Studios. In the meantime, most U2-related appearances simply featured Bono, Edge or both. The duo did also perform separate of U2 last night, alongside Haitian singer Anaelle Jean-Pierre.

Though Bono joked last weekend at the Palm Springs International Film Festival that the band “doesn’t get out much,” it appears that this may be a baby step in returning to the spotlight before the release of their new album.

U2 Receives Sonny Bono Visionary Award

January 7, 2014

From Bono to Bono: this past weekend, U2 was honored with the Sonny Bono Visionary Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. This award is not typically awarded to bands, but their track “Ordinary Love” for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom made them unique exceptions.

Festival chairman Harold Matzner spoke highly of the band’s humanitarian work: ”We normally present the Sonny Bono Visionary Award to a director, but for our 25th anniversary we wanted to take the occasion to celebrate U2, a visionary group and the world’s premier rock band, for their unparalleled humanitarian work against extreme poverty, disease, and social injustice.”

bono_palmBono and Edge were present at the festival to accept the award. Bono spoke reflectively about his position as an artist with political ambitions. “I do understand that people find it insufferable when artists stray from their box, but for a lot of us in this room that is the definition of being an artist. It is worth mentioning that more people live off of their imaginations than anywhere in the world.”

Edge was merely surprised by the scope and beauty of the gala itself. “It was amazing…we’ve been kind of what we describe as ‘being on the oil rig’ for the last while. We’ve been in a recording studio working very closely with a very small group of mostly males, so to come out to such a glamorous event — the red carpet and all these beautiful ladies and their amazing dresses and the photographers and everything — it was kind of overwhelming…we were suddenly — ‘Oh, I remember this now.’”

“We don’t get out much,” Bono agreed.