Setlist Shake-Ups as U2’s U.S. Tour Continues

September 27, 2009

In the aftermath of the live debut of “Your Blue Room” in Chicago, U2 have further tweaked and modified the standard setlist as they continue their march along the East Coast of the United States with the 360 Degrees tour.

Concertgoers were in for a surprise on 9/21 when the band opened the second of two Foxboro, Massachusetts shows with “Magnificent” instead of the normal “Breathe”; it was both the first time a tune other than “Breathe” has opened a show on the tour, and the first time “Breathe” has not been played at all during a set.  Later in the same gig, Bono included a brief snippet of “Mofo”, the first glimpse of anything off of Pop to be heard on the tour thus far.

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Gaslight Anthem’s Punk Pastiche Lights Up Fillmore

September 26, 2009

The Gaslight Anthem is one of those “perfect storm” bands, an act that seems to appear out of nowhere and, thanks to the right set of circumstances, proceeds to stir up a huge tempest of music geek blathery in its wake.

You know how the perfect storm pattern works:  Band earns loyal local following.  Band releases album.  Album gets great review  in high-powered alternative music periodical.  Rest of alternative press goes apeshit, championing band as its own.  Band’s arrival is cemented by spiritual guidance from famous rock ‘n roll luminary.  Then – once dust has settled and pools of journalists’ ink spilled – band is ingrained in the scene in such a way that it feels like, well, they’ve just always been there.

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Brother Ali Brings Us “Us”

September 25, 2009

Propelled by Ant’s increasingly dense, nearly symphonic productions and Brother Ali’s bulldog-like delivery, the new record Us hits at the chest hard from beginning to end.

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Irish Boys on The CTA: U2 Wrap the Windy City in a Mighty Wind

September 16, 2009

Opening the North American leg of the 360 tour with a two-night stand at Soldier Field, U2 unveiled its visually opulent and sonically stimulating spectacle with two impassioned performances.

A gift to the people of Chicago and those who had traveled from all over the world, the current transcontinental crusade reclaims stadiums as an appropriate venue for a rock and roll show. Drowning out the dispatches of detractors banging ‘puter keyboards and blasting out blogs with their smug disses and dismissals, our chorus cascaded across a canyon of steel and cement, an uncynical kiss to the future, to the resilience of “love and community.”

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U2 Clawing at the Crowd: An Eyewitness Account Of Wembley

September 12, 2009

One 2009 summer event that will live in the hearts of many concert revelers is undoubtedly the U2 360º Tour show that took place at Wembley Stadium on 15th August. More than 85,000 people packed the venue, marking the gig as the legendary stadium’s most-attended event ever.

At 164 feet, the mammoth round stage dubbed The Claw towered over the crowd in the centre of the stadium, an inherent homage to the classic film War of the Worlds.  As a piece of spectacle, it managed to top even the herculean seven-story height of The Rolling Stones stage set from their record-breaking Bigger Bang Tour.

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