Is Bono a Prophet?

August 26, 2008

By Laurie Britt-Smith

August 26, 2008
Note: The editorial staff of Interference is pleased to present an exclusive series of articles that examine Bono’s prophetic tendencies—lyrically, spiritually, musically, politically. In the coming weeks and days before the release of the band’s twelfth studio album, we will post excerpts from the May 2008 dissertation in Composition and Rhetoric of Dr. Laurie Britt-Smith, graduate of St. Louis University.

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Titus Andronicus Air Grievances in San Francisco

August 14, 2008

by Luke Pimentel, Contributing Editor

August 13, 2008

Anyone who’s participated in a local music scene has been here.

You know the place: It has wobbly little tables, drab-ass lights, and plastic strips borrowed from a meat locker hanging in the doorway. Those meat locker strips are particularly appropriate, since the whole place is but a shrine to the butchery of livers, auditory canals, and guitar strings.

It’s the Dank, Alcohol-Saturated, Back-Room Hovel.

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