Interview: Clive Young, Author ‘Crank It Up’*

April 30, 2004

By Roland Schulte

Bono in mono; in the recently released

About U2: Hidden Gems*

April 30, 2004

By Maja/U2girl with Devlin Smith

Throughout its career, U2 has created an impressive archive of B-sides through collaborations with other artists, cover versions and salvaging tracks from recording sessions. Some of these songs have found their way into the band’s live set while others exist simply on tape or disc. Regardless, these tracks have found their way into the hearts of U2 fans.


U2 has covered many other bands, common for new and young bands but not necessarily for ones that have already achieved worldwide fame. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Everly Brothers, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are a few of the artists to whose music U2 has added its personal touch while still maintaining the work’s original integrity. Some of the band’s best-loved covers are The Righteous Brother’s

Introspect: Waiting For The New U2: A Fan

April 23, 2004

By Reggie Thee Dog

This is turning into some sort of strange game. I

U2′s Dublin: Dockers: Where Everybody Knows You

April 23, 2004

By Cristina Cantu (Mullen-Girl)

There is a small pub on the south side of Dublin at Sir Rogerson

Featured Cause: Update: DATA Update on North America – North & South of the Border*

April 16, 2004

By Katie A. McGrath with U.S Update by Deborah Kreuser

DATA has people who know how to get things done. They know this is a cause that you have to highlight with your head and not your heart. Compassion is not going to win over the politicians, it is the numbers the statistics the facts about where the future is headed that you argue during the day. You go home and read the reports at night and when you take of that mask you are left with the faces and visions of orphaned children, that

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