About U2: The Unforgettable Fire Still Burns: U2′s Longevity*

March 26, 2004

By Maja/U2girl with Carrie Alison

Recently, there was a lively discussion in the Interference Feedback forums about the myriad reasons for U2′s near 30-year success. With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, many factors have gone into driving the U2 machine through the twists and turns of long-term stardom. Below are some widely cited reasons from fans and critics alike.

Live Performances

U2 is one of those bands that made it the

Interview: Maynard & Whiteley, of

March 17, 2004

by Rabab Ahmed

Adam Clayton: A Birthday Tribute*

March 12, 2004

By Debbie Kreuser

We all know Adam Clayton. For over 25 years, this tall, handsome Englishman has been the bass player with U2. Laying down the rhythm patterns (along with Larry Mullen Jr.) upon which Bono and the Edge would build beautiful melodies and soul-stirring lyrics (Where the Streets Have No Name, Please, With or Without You, Beautiful Day, etc.), Adam Clayton has been an ESSENTIAL component of U2 from the beginning as Bono fully acknowledged (

Review: Book: Fools Rush In*

March 10, 2004

By Devlin Smith

Author: Bill Carter
Publisher: Doubleday

Somehow it

Interview: Bill Carter, author and filmmaker

March 2, 2004

By Devlin Smith

It was a dark and stormy night, literally, when Bill Carter

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