Experience: Peter & The Wolf Auction *

November 23, 2003

By Lisanne Lawless

Friday November 21st finally arrives, the night my sister Wendy and I would attend the

Experience : Bono at the Liberal Convention in Toronto *

November 17, 2003

by Kate McGrath

There was much speculation about Bono’s trip to Canada to speak at the Liberal Convention Nov. 14. Why invite, as he calls himself, a "rock star with a Conscience" to the event? Paul Martin and his team may have had many reasons for extending an invitation to the rock star and, whatever they were, Bono upstaged the party leader 100 percent.

Bono arrived to give his speech to screams and whistles from Liberal supporters, some of whom were, admittedly, a little nervous about what Bono was about to say. They knew then that his speech would leave a lot to live up to and, true to form , it has. Bono looked a little nervous as he took the stage, a little uneasy standing in front of the crowd as he sipped what he called gin and tonic. It was without a doubt for me the best speech I have heard Bono give, and by the end of the night I am sure many Liberals were pouring tripe gin and tonics wondering, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" Too late to back peddle boys, the Canadian public was actively listening, we heard clearly the message and Bono’s challenge to Canada, and we will be watching you.

I hate to tell Bono but we saw no rock star with a conscience. What we saw was a man living up to his potential. A man who’s genuine caring and deep felt belief in this cause transcends any perceived notions of why this rock star was invited to the Liberal Convention. Simply, though, a rock star was not invited, a humanitarian was, and we were humbled by his presence. We were given a look behind the trademark blue glasses into the heart of the man, and his passion for Africa. It was moving, it was challenging and it thankfully made Canada stand up and really take notice of the crisis.

Bono made it clear he was not a Liberal supporter or a supporter of any political party. The idealistic agenda that Bono set out for Canada may be harder than anyone thinks but not impossible. To meet it, we have to more than double our contribution to international development by increasing our aid from the 0.29 per cent of GDP that it now is to the 0.7 per cent level that the late former prime minister Lester Pearson recommended 30 years ago. Rest assured many of us here in Canada are right beside you on this Bono, we will be just as much of a pain in the ass to Paul Martin as you have promised to be.

Bono said, "I believe the world needs more Canada." How clear it is, too, that the world needs more people like Bono, hearing him speak and knowing all he has done, and continues to do, you cannot help but be humbled. So to every single armchair quarterback who has criticized his ego or wondered about Bono’s agenda I have to ask, what have you done to make the world better today?

The people who are affected by this in Africa could not care at all about Bono the rock star, many of them do not even know who U2 are. In Africa they have never seen the "Bono the Rock Star" but they have found a hero. It is a strong word "hero" and Bono might not like it at all but it is fitting and well deserved.

To Bono himself I owe a personal debt of gratitude. Sir because of you the statistics became more then numbers, they became faces and people, the orphaned child became the face that needs their mother every bit as much as I still need mine. I give you my word, which in Canada still means something that I stand right beside you on this and will do everything I can. Many Canadians stand with me too, we will not let our government forget and we will not let them off the hook.

Thank you so very much Bono, not only did you open the eyes of many Canadians to the emergency in Africa but you also gave us a reminder of how proud we should be as Canadians, what it means to be Canadian and the difference Canada can make. We are nice, we are polite but we are fiercely loyal to causes we believe in and will fight to the death for what is right and just. We have a proud history of coming to the aid of those who truly need it, let this be then too a defining moment for Canada, let us set an example and lead the way not because Bono asked us to but because Africa needs us to. It will not just be on the shoulder of our politicians, it is also up to us the public, the NGOs, students, religious leaders, soccer moms and professionals to come together and stand up and make some noise–united we are much stronger then one group alone. We are our own nation, a country of great ideals and passionate people who have the strength to institute change.

Featured Cause : 46664 *

November 17, 2003

By Simone Schramm

Popular artists from around the world will participate in a live concert on Nov. 29 to raise funds and awareness for the 46664 campaign, a coalition of popular artists who recorded songs to raise money for the global AIDS crisis.

The number 46664 stands for Nelson Mandela’s prison number, which he had for 18 years while imprisoned at Robben Prison in Cape Town, South Africa.

The idea for the 46664 campaign was conceived by Dave Stewart. To put it together, he got help from the Mandela Foundation and Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen.

"46664 is a very exciting and rather noble project," said Taylor. AIDS is the most important issue facing Africa today and through awareness we can do something about it.

On Oct. 21, Mandela launched a worldwide music-led campaign to raise awareness of the devastating impact AIDS has on Africa. Bono and artists including Anastacia, Beyonce, Johnny Clegg, The Corrs and the Eurythmics will perform at the event. Bono wrote the track "46664 (Long Walk to Freedom)" with Dave Stewart and the late Joe Strummer and performed it with Youssou N’Dour, Abdel and Dave Steward. The song is available via special telephone lines and the Web site at http://www.46664.com.

"A tragedy of unprecedented proportions is unfolding in Africa," said Mandela "We must act now for the sake of the world."

The idea of the 46664 campaign and the Webcast/broadcast of the concert is to motivate people to donate online or call any of the various phone numbers provided. People can also listen to and pay for songs recorded by various artists for the cause on the Web site or via telephone.

According to the 46664 website, the campaign is calling for all governments to declare a global AIDS emergency. It is part of the fight to coax developed countries such as the United States to give more money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. They are also asking them to send low-cost anti-AIDS medication to the approximately 3 million people living with AIDS.

In addition to buying the music, callers can hear messages from celebrities such as Beyonce, Robert De Niro, Pink and David Bowie

The 46664 concert will take place at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa on Nov. 29, the weekend before World AIDS Day. The show will last for about three hours with approximately 40,000 people attending and millions watching and listening worldwide via Webcast, television and radio broadcasts. SABC, a television station in Africa, will broadcast the entire show live while highlights will show on MTV channels worldwide. According to the 46664 website, this will be the largest Web event in history.

Telephone networks around the world will join in the campaign by providing their services to callers. Please check the 46664 website for more details.

The main recipient of this campaign will be the Mandela Foundation, which will use the funds to provide key services on AIDS in South Africa where approximately 25 percent of the population has HIV.

Review : DVD : ‘U2 Go Home : Live from Slane Castle, Ireland’ *

November 17, 2003

by Melissa Flanzraich

U2 isn

Review : Book : ‘U2: The Best of Propaganda’ *

November 14, 2003

Reviewed by Devlin Smith

Publisher: Carlton Books

When I was a kid first getting into music and starting to have tapes of my own, I always wanted to join a fan club. I

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