U2 Fan Profile : Sherry Darling *

June 26, 2003

By Devlin Smith

We know each other

Review: Stealing Hearts At A Travelling Show *

June 23, 2003

By Carrie Alison

Analysis: The Unexpected Life of Unreleased U2 Songs *

June 20, 2003

By Erik Swanson aka Swan269

Nothing gets me more excited than the speculation and discussion of possible song names and titles for new U2 albums. I always imagine that I know what the album will sound like before I hear it, if I read what the new songs are. I decided to look into the past to see if there was any rhyme or reason to album rumors. Any information will have come from interviews in magazines, U2 books, or sound checks. Lets start back to Achtung Baby.

Many U2 fans have listened to the outtakes from the recording sessions and this is the only insight into how that band records. While listening to the three-and-a-half hours of material, one can hear works in progress in partial bits. (

Song Analysis : All I Want Is You *

June 17, 2003

By: Abigail E. Myers

This piece is the first of another two-part series in my lyrical analysis essays. My last two-part series dealt with U2

Classic Track : Bullet the Blue Sky *

June 17, 2003

By Gregory McGuire

For this

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