Achtung Carrie! Issue #3

May 27, 2003

By Carrie Alison, Chief Editor

For Memorial Day weekend, I took my boyfriend on a mini-break to Orlando for his birthday, and to reflect on the first five months of 2003 and what would transpire in the months to come. As we sat on the balcony of our hotel room, we sipped Sangria and gazed out across the lagoon and into the most hard to reach places of our minds that only a vacation can uncover.

I had a realization as we drove on I-4 toward Orlando on Saturday afternoon – that if U2 were anything to me, they were a highway. An Interstate. A Turnpike. They were the lines in the road I followed to show me which lines to cross and avoid. They were the signs of distance to show me how near, and how far I was to a goal and destination. They were the headlights to light my way across new territory and dark roads. They were hazard lights when the torrential rains of life beat down on me

Experience : From Concerts to the Oscars, A Fan Meets U2 *

May 27, 2003

by Marisa Talarico

I have been a fan of U2 since 1987, when I was 14 years old. U2 has played a very important part of my life since the first time I saw them live, at Oakland Stadium on 11/15/1987. U2 has brought me continuous joy, through their music, their concerts and their memorabilia. It has been an untouchable dream of mine to meet U2. I never thought it would be possible to meet Bono, to tell him thank you for the impact he and U2 has had on my life. I dreamed of it often, and somehow, I can now say that my dreams have become reality….

April 19th, 2001 – San Jose Arena

On Thursday April 19th, 2001, a dream that I have had since 1987 amazingly came true. This was a day that I dreamed of, imagined and played through my mind for all these years. Since January of 2001, after purchasing my Elevation tickets for the San Jose Arena shows, I decided to "try" to meet Bono. Even though I had always thought of this as impossible, with the stories that I had read about on Interference of fan meetings in other cities, I at least thought it could be a possibility. So on the morning of April 19th, I went to work and on my way, scoped out the scene at the San Jose Arena, talked with some security and got very lucky as one of the guys told me he heard that U2 would be arriving at around 3-4 pm. So I went to work. I could not concentrate on anything other than the fact that U2 was coming to San Jose for the first time in a very long time, and the fact that this was my "chance" to meet Bono. So I harassed my supervisor until she let me leave for the day – so I went into the bathroom, threw on my homemade silver glittered Bono shirt and was off on my mission. With my Mom in tow so she could witness this event if it happened, we were off to the Arena. We found just two other people waiting in back of the Arena at the gates where U2 was due to arrive. The venue security maintained the rumor was 3:30 – 4:00, so we waited. As time passed by, more and more fans started to arrive. At about 4pm, we saw a motorcycle police barricade coming down the street followed by many black sedans….IT WAS U2!!!

The waiting crowd got very excited as the cars descended down the pathway to the back entrance of the Arena. It was all so surreal to me. I was praying that Bono would walk up the ramp to greet us. My mom didn’t think he would. The next thing that happened was UNBELIEVABLE. Bono starts to walk up the ramp.

He arrives at the gate entrance, very close to us, and I yell out "Thanks for 14 years, Bono." Bono says"14 years eh?" and walks directly to me and kisses me on my right cheek. I was in complete and utter shock. My mom was nudging me telling me "he just kissed you!" and I just stood there saying "thank you" over and over and staring at him right in front of me. It was bizarre at how shaken I was, I thought I would be able to tell him so much, instead it was hard to find any words, it was so mesmerizing! He grabbed my Bono picture disc out of my hands and signed

Letters to Elvis: Issue #1 – Our Blue Room

May 26, 2003

By Joel Tanner, aka "Elvis", Creator of

What is Letters to Elvis?
I’d like to hear from you, the avid U2 fan. ‘Letters to Elvis’ is similar to a ‘letter to the editor’ feature found in many traditional magazines, where you can email me directly and ask or say anything you’d like, I’m serious! Don’t be shy. Topics can range from U2,, current events, and beyond. I’ll try to reply to as many as possible, and even some will be selected to be posted on!

Send email to:

U2luv writes:
Hi Elvis :-)
I think this is a great idea. I do have a question concerning one of the forums. It seems that there are many tech support questions being asked on the NewMedia forum, but I seldom see any of them being actually addressed or answered. Is there a reason for that? Thanks

Well, many of the problems arising from New Media stem from people using firewalls. We are very aware of this problem, and are currently at work on a new version of New Media, which will hopefully work much more easily, and reliably – firewalls or not. We have actually ceased the option to download New Media for the time being so that we may concentrate our efforts on this new version, and not supporting something we already know has issues. When we do release the new version, we’ll be sure to make a big announcement.

Sarah writes:
what are the names and birthdays of Bonos, The Edge’s and larrys kids???

Edge – Four daughters: Holly, Arran, Blue Angel, Sian. One son: Levi.
Larry – One daughter: Ava. Two sons: Aaron Elvis, the other I dont know the name, but rumor has it that it’s "Harley".
Bono – Two daughters: Memphis Eve, Jordan. Two sons: Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi, John Abraham

I don’t even know the birthday of everyone in my family by heart. So as for birthdays, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Perhap’s you should ask this question in PLEBA ( ), they are bound to know.

Heidi writes:
I am an avid and diehard U2 fan.Been one for 13 years now.I was thinking about starting something called the U2 Peace Army.It’s getting a bunch of fans to speak their hearts and minds of stopping all world violence and try to make some kind of peace in the world.In the immortal words from Sunday Bloody Sunday: And the battles just begun.There’s many lost,but tell me who has won?The trenches dug withing our hearts.And mother’s children,brothers,sisters torn apart.
I want peace in a world full of uncleaniness and greed.And others who feel like I do and want to join.Thank You for hearing my voice and I hope other will too.

Heidi, this is a great idea. Other fans have started their own organizations with world goals in mind as well. The most recent I can think of is the African Well Fund which we’ve featured on the site previously. While world Peace may not be something easy to achieve, it can’t hurt to try. If you really would like to follow through with this, Interference would be more than happy to help where, and if, we can – feel free to email me again if so.

Mrs. Vedder writes:
When is the new website going to be done? There was all this talk about the new web page a few months back now its like huh???
Ok one more…
Will the colors of the board ever change? Or will they be blue forever?

Ah. Yes, there was quite a bit of talk about a new look for Interference coming down the pipes sometime ago. I had actually spent quite a lot of time on it. So much actually, that I decided I didn’t like it anymore. The design was very complex, as well as dark – it’s goal was to combine art and technology in a new way on the web. The demands and priorities of the site have since changed since that journey began, and so I now try to focus on functionality more than eye-candy – at least until I decide what direction I’d like to take for the new design again.

The colors will not be blue forever. That I can say.

Icelle writes:
Dear Elvis
If you could answer these questions I would appreciate it.
Where is the science in Political Science? What is so liberating about Liberal Arts?

Science is a word commonly thought of as only ‘mixing chemicals’, studying nature, etc. This common perception is far from the full meaning of ‘science’.

The dictionary tends to define ‘science’ as: a state of knowing or understanding, distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding. Knowledge being, that covering general truths or the operation of general laws.

With that in mind, I think it’s clear how science fits into politics. Science is a means to explore and define something, whatever it may be. Everything has a science, even Bono.

As far as Liberal Arts being liberating…
Liberal arts are the studies of language, philosophy, history, literature, and abstract science, with the intent on developing the general intellectual capacities, encouraging reason and judgment. The ability to form one’s own opinions is surely liberating, isn’t it?

What I think is even more interesting, is that Philosophy is actually the science of language.

U2 Fan Profile : Ouizy

May 23, 2003

By Devlin Smith

We know each other

Review: "The Screwtape Letters"

May 23, 2003

By Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

Author: C. S. Lewis
Publisher: Harper SanFrancisco

The Screwtape Letters is a collection of letters from one devil, named Screwtape, to his nephew and subordinate in the bureaucracy of hell, Wormwood. There are thirty-one letters in all, and each is written in response to Wormwood

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