Experience : Elevate Me Here – the story behind a U2 book created by U2 fans

March 28, 2003

By Karin Wagenaar

Last December, U2 2000-2002 Elevate Me Here saw the light of day via www.kite-publishing.com, and hundreds of copies have already been sold worldwide. Kite Publishing is based in the Netherlands and run by Karin and Marcel Wagenaar, both long-time U2 fans.

The Story Behind the Book

My partner Marcel and I came up with the idea to write a book about U2 when the band began their Elevation tour in 2001. The tour seemed so fresh, so full of emotions – love, joy and sincerity, that we decided to write a book, and share it with U2 fans who wanted to experience that extraordinary feeling but who had not had the opportunity to see them in concert. This initiative also supported my urge to do something beneficial by supporting Bono and his continuing efforts to help Africa and the AIDS crisis. We greatly admire his work and all that he has achieved over the years.
We began this project by contacting a fellow U2 fan but unfortunately he passed away, and we never finished the job. We still wanted to share the exhilaration of the Elevation tour with others, and give fans that hadn

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